Huawei raises its 2023 smartphone shipment target to 40 million units, accelerating its return

Huawei aims to ship 40 million smartphones by 2023, speeding up its comeback

【PhoneAuto News】On June 11th, according to the latest news from industry insiders, Huawei has raised its smartphone shipment target for 2023 to 40 million units. This is a significant increase compared to the target of 30 million units set earlier this year. The main reason for this increase in shipment target is due to the strong market performance of the P60 series and Mate X3, as well as the corresponding recovery of Huawei’s supply chain. In fact, Huawei had previously raised the shipment target for the Mate X3 foldable screen phone from 1.47 million units to 3 million units, which can be regarded as a unique presence in the foldable screen market.

In the first half of 2023, the performance of the smartphone market may not be as expected, and the overall trend is still declining in the first quarter. The shipment pressure of smartphone manufacturers in the second quarter and the second half of the year can be imagined. However, there is an exception among them – Huawei. Compared with the same period in 2022, it achieved a growth rate of as high as 41% and its total market share increased to 9.2%, becoming one of the few manufacturers among many smartphone manufacturers that achieved shipment growth.

From the action of Huawei raising the shipment target for the Mate X3 foldable screen phone and the annual smartphone shipment target, Huawei is actually accelerating its return to the smartphone market. Especially in the high-end market, whether it is the variable aperture of the Mate50 series, the P60 series, the ultra-high concentrated long-focus and two-way Beidou satellite communication capabilities, or the extreme lightweight experience brought by the Mate X3, all demonstrate Huawei’s profound technical reserves and strong research and development capabilities. For Huawei, this is naturally a positive signal, but for other manufacturers, the return of a domestic giant will inevitably make the smartphone market converge towards Huawei again, and there is not much time left for themselves.

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