Offline location added Huawei Children’s Watch 5X Series protects children’s happy Children’s Day

Huawei Children's Watch 5X Series adds offline location for child protection on Children's Day

【PhoneAuto News】With the arrival of Children’s Day, children have also ushered in a carnival. Many parents have started to prepare Children’s Day gifts for their children, and safe and practical children’s watches have become the first choice for many parents. Because children may play far away from their parents’ sight and cannot follow them all the time. How to keep track of where the child is and what he or she is doing at all times has become a concern for many parents. In this era of intelligence, Huawei has brought the Huawei Children’s Watch 5X series from the perspective of parents and children, and offline positioning black technology makes parents more at ease and children more worry-free.

Compared with other children’s watches on the market, the Huawei Children’s Watch 5X series can rely on the Huawei “search” network composed of hundreds of millions of Huawei devices to achieve it. Nearby Huawei devices can help children’s watches report location information, even if there is no network or shutdown, it can still be located, allowing parents to take care of their children and “love you online all the time”. For example, in a playground or in a shopping mall, if a child accidentally disappears from sight, the parents will definitely be anxious. At this time, they cannot blindly search. They can check the child’s location through the Smart Care App.

In addition, the positioning of the Huawei Children’s Watch 5X series is also very accurate, supporting high-precision indoor positioning. More than 8,000 domestic shopping malls, airports, high-speed rail stations and other places can accurately locate nearby floors and shops, allowing parents to find their children at the fastest speed. At the same time, the Huawei Children’s Watch 5X series can accurately record the child’s location every 5 seconds, achieving all-weather, high-frequency, and more accurate tracking records, and will not appear embarrassing situations where the location is not updated in time and the child is still at home when located. When using the Huawei Children’s Watch 5X series for a long time, Huawei’s self-developed network positioning service, combined with powerful AI positioning 2.0 algorithm, can also intelligently analyze the location of places where children often go, becoming more accurate with use, and ultimately precise to the building level. It can be said that with the companionship of the Huawei Children’s Watch 5X series, parents will have a “thousand-mile eye”, and children will have an additional security guarantee.

If the offline positioning and second-level positioning capabilities of the Huawei Children’s Watch 5X series can reassure parents, then its innovative form design and functions can make children happy. The streamlined appearance design brings a full sense of technology. The detachable watch body comes with front and rear dual cameras, which can take interesting things in front of them and make it more convenient to make video calls with parents or complete selfies with friends. Moreover, adding friends is currently a must-have for children. The Huawei Children’s Watch 5X series can add friends face-to-face by shaking hands. At the same time, when using WeChat Children’s Watch Edition and QQ Children’s Edition, friends of different brands of children’s watches can also be added, achieving true cross-platform friendship, free from the constraints of account systems, allowing children to establish their own social circles more freely. If it is a busy time for learning, flipping the secondary screen can automatically activate the do not disturb mode, and friends’ messages and incoming calls are all muted, so they can be free from external interference and focus more on studying. In addition, facing the constantly emerging privacy and third-party application security issues in the market, the application management of the Huawei Children’s Watch 5X series is also very strict. Multiple security checks will be conducted before and after the application is launched to ensure the purity and safety of information.

As Huawei’s first high-end flagship children’s watch, the Huawei Children’s Watch 5X series is equipped with many characteristic abilities that accompany children’s healthy and safe growth, such as offline positioning and second-level positioning. These black technologies not only demonstrate Huawei’s technological strength, but also demonstrate Huawei’s leading technological ability to fulfill social responsibilities. When the Huawei Children’s Watch 5X series guards children’s travel safety, it actually becomes the most loyal and reliable friend of parents and children.

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