Huawei Cloud Desktop and Cloud Meeting are leading the market as the top choices in China’s cloud office market

Huawei Cloud Desktop and Cloud Meeting dominate China's cloud office market

【PhoneAuto News】According to the latest “2022 H2 China Virtual Client Computing Software Market Tracking Report” and “2022 H2 China Video Conferencing Market Share Report” released by IDC, the world’s leading IT market research and consulting company, Huawei Cloud Desktop and Huawei Cloud Meeting once again occupy the first market share in the two reports, leading the Chinese cloud office market.

IDC believes that the recovery of the market economy, the acceptance of flexible remote office models by enterprises, the demand for data security, and the preference for domestic brands will drive the growth of the virtual desktop software and cloud service market in the next few years. With its comprehensive product line, Huawei provides desktop cloud products in a multi-cloud form and supports a rich domestic and foreign brand ecosystem, which will continue to be favored by government and enterprise customers.

It is understood that Huawei Cloud Desktop focuses on government and enterprise office scenarios, providing customers with convenient and efficient, secure and reliable, high-quality experience cloud desktop solutions through comprehensive deployment models, all-round security guarantee, high-definition and smooth experience, and prosperous cloud office ecology. It has been ranked first in the Chinese market for 7 consecutive years.

Huawei Cloud Desktop has 5 security capabilities: application security, data security, network security, access security, and terminal security, providing all-round protection for enterprise digital assets; it provides 4K 60-frame real-color display, cloud gaming-level low-latency experience, and features such as weak network resistance, high-definition and low bit rate.

On the other hand, Huawei Cloud Meeting focuses on government and enterprise conference scenarios, providing a high-definition, stable, secure, and easy-to-use all-scenario cloud meeting solution. Through a hybrid deployment plan and the integration of dedicated networks and cloud meeting advantages, it is better suited for large-scale government and enterprise needs. For major conferences, Huawei Cloud also provides meeting guarantee services, escorting the entire process from program design, pre-meeting rehearsals, in-meeting support, to post-meeting summaries.

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