Huawei home storage gives you 618 storage freedom, making it a data storage box for the whole family

Huawei home storage provides 618 storage freedom for the entire family

【PhoneAuto News】In the digital age, storage has become a necessity for people. In addition to using my phone, I also use Huawei home storage as a “data storage box for the whole family.” With it, I can take as many photos as I want without worrying about running out of storage space.

After using it, I feel that Huawei home storage is indeed a blessing for heavy memory users. Its large storage capacity not only allows me to store data as I wish, but with the support of HarmonyOS, its user experience is simpler, smarter, and more secure. It happens to be approaching June 18th, so getting a Huawei home storage device will surely give you unexpected happiness.

Compared with common storage methods on the market such as hard drives, cloud drives, and NAS, Huawei home storage has significant advantages.

Hard drives have difficulties in data search and access is limited by the location of the hard drive; the problem with cloud drives is that users only have usage rights, and ownership does not belong to themselves, and download speeds are often limited, so you need to subscribe to enjoy high speeds; NAS has complex settings and high usage thresholds…

For data search, Huawei home storage can achieve precise classification of AI albums and can conduct natural semantic searches, making data searching more efficient; for data access, Huawei home storage connects the cloud and the terminal to achieve integrated storage and access. In terms of device operation, Huawei home storage simplifies complex processes and reduces user usage thresholds, making data storage even easier.

When using it for the first time, you can connect to Huawei home storage with NFC function. After connecting, the system will automatically prompt you to start data synchronization. After that, the photos and videos we take can be automatically synced to Huawei home storage without deliberately storing them, which is very user-friendly. In addition, Huawei home storage also has a one-click space release function, which can delete source files backed up 30 days ago and only keep thumbnails to save space. It can achieve one-step expansion of mobile phone and PC storage. If your memory is always in a state of emergency, then Huawei home storage is your memory savior. Moreover, through the family-built album, Huawei home storage can also support intelligent recognition and classification of photos uploaded by different family members, allowing children to better understand their parents’ recent situation, keeping family love and touching moments always present.

Thanks to the distributed capabilities of HarmonyOS, Huawei’s home storage supports distributed access to multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs, with seamless data transfer. Compared to hard drives, cloud drives, and other devices, it has natural advantages, making office work more efficient. Of course, what I like most is the AI search. When there are too many storage contents, finding what you need can be a very troublesome task. However, Huawei’s home storage AI search can solve this problem very well. For example, when we want to find a photo, we just need to describe some of its features, such as a photo taken in Hainan in the summer of xx year. When searching for ID cards, notes, and other image files, Huawei’s home storage OCR technology can accurately recognize text on images in complex backgrounds, fonts, resolutions, and lighting conditions, allowing us to quickly find the desired files.

As for storage security, Huawei’s home storage has its own set of security measures. It pioneered the use of one document and one encryption, with each file independently encrypted to ensure that the hard drive is not compromised if it is disassembled. It is also the only storage product on the market that supports fingerprint recognition technology, with an innovative fingerprint safe that uses Huawei account and biometric information for dual authentication encryption, and can only be unlocked in person, providing reliable protection for private and confidential data. In addition, Huawei’s home storage defaults to dual-drive backup mode, with important data backed up between two hard drives, ensuring reliability and large capacity, allowing users to use it with peace of mind.

If you have high requirements for storage, and are concerned about the uncertain experience of traditional hard drives, cloud drives, and other products, then Huawei’s home storage is your best choice. When used in conjunction with Huawei mobile phones or other Huawei products, it can provide an even better experience. At the same time, Huawei’s home storage also has many guarantees for intelligence and security, making it easy and reliable for users to use. For friends who are interested in storage devices, the 618 promotion is an excellent opportunity to get Huawei’s home storage at a discount of 400 yuan, with a final price of 2599 yuan, providing data storage for the whole family, upgrading the storage experience, and achieving storage freedom.

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