Morning News Huawei raises shipment target, Vivo S17’s first sales user evaluation released

Huawei increases shipment target, Vivo S17's user evaluation released

【PhoneAuto Daily News】On June 11th, according to industry insiders, Huawei has raised its 2023 smartphone shipment target to 40 million units. This is a significant increase compared to the initial target of 30 million units set at the beginning of the year. On June 8th, the brand-new vivo S17 series was officially launched, including the vivo S17 and vivo S17 Pro. On June 10th, vivo officially released the user reviews since the launch of the S17 series. For users who are considering purchasing the S17 series, it may be worth taking a look at how the first batch of users have evaluated the phone.

Huawei Raises 2023 Smartphone Shipment Target to 40 Million Units and Returns to Accelerated Growth

Huawei’s upward adjustment of its shipment target is mainly based on the strong market performance of the P60 series and the Mate X3, and Huawei’s supply chain has also recovered accordingly. In fact, earlier, Huawei had raised the shipment target of the Mate X3 foldable screen phone from 1.47 million units to 3 million units, which can be said to be unique in the foldable screen market.

User Reviews of vivo S17 Series First Sale are Released, the Back Looks Like Layers of Mountains and Seas

Users on vivo’s official website have said that the S17 is really beautiful. The whole machine is very thin and light to hold. The curved screen is especially beautiful, and the pattern on the back is sparkling. The camera also comes with intelligent fill light, which is the first time to see this function applied to a phone. Users on said that they were still a little surprised when they received the S17 Pro. It’s very thin, and the color is also very nice. What they like most is the camera, and the intelligent fill light is much clearer and brighter compared to other phones. Users on Tmall said that the exterior design of the S17 Pro is great. The color scheme of “mountains and seas” brings a cool feeling in the hot summer. The body is thin and light to hold.

BYD ATTO 3 has won the sales crown of pure electric vehicles in Thailand for five consecutive months

On June 10th, BYD Auto officially announced that according to data from the Thai AutoLife official website, the May sales volume of BYD ATTO 3 (Yuan PLUS) was 2,025 units, and it has won the sales crown of pure electric vehicles in Thailand for the fifth consecutive month. Looking at the cumulative data from January to May, the total sales volume of BYD ATTO 3 was 9,310 units, with a market share of 38.6%, continuing to lead the pure electric passenger car market in Thailand.

Apple’s Vision Pro needs to change its name before entering the Chinese market due to trademark issues

At WWDC2023 on the early morning of June 6th, Apple officially launched its first augmented reality platform, Apple Vision Pro. With its powerful technical advantages and high prices, it quickly became popular. Although it will not be officially launched until next year, it has already attracted a lot of attention. It is worth mentioning that Huawei has reportedly registered the “Vision Pro” trademark as early as 2019, so Apple’s Vision Pro may need to change its name before entering the Chinese market.

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