Morning News Huawei Officially Launches Big Sale, Hackers Intensify Attacks on macOS System

Huawei launches big sale, hackers intensify macOS attacks

【Phoneauto Morning News】Recently, Phoneauto noticed that the Huawei Mall has launched the Huawei Mall Member Day. In addition to various member discounts and activities, many models have also started to lower their prices. According to foreign media reports today, as more and more companies begin to use Apple’s macOS system, the trend of hacking attacks on it is also escalating.

Huawei officially starts a big promotion: P60/Mate50 series directly reduced by 800 yuan!

On August 8th, Phoneauto noticed that Huawei Mall announced that Huawei has currently launched the Huawei Mall Member Day. Popular products are reduced by 100 yuan for every 1500 yuan spent, and there is a chance to win 8180 points through a card flip game. Points can be redeemed at a 10x rate, up to a maximum of 500 yuan, and there are many surprises.

Among them, the Huawei P60 supports 24-month interest-free installments and points can be redeemed at a 10x rate, with a starting price of 4388 yuan; the Huawei nova11 supports points redemption at a 10x rate, and also comes with a limited gift of Huawei earphones; the Huawei P60 Pro has a maximum discount of 800 yuan, with a starting price of 6188 yuan; the Huawei Mate50 Pro has a limited-time direct discount of 800 yuan, with a starting price of 5999 yuan.

Current hacker interest in Apple’s macOS system is ten times that of 2019

Recently, foreign media reported that hackers now tend to attack Apple’s macOS operating system. According to an analysis on the dark web, the number of network attacks on Mac computers is already ten times that of 2019.

According to the Accenture Cyber Threat Intelligence Report, there were only 202 dark web participants targeting macOS in 2019. However, this number sharply increased to 2143 in 2022, and is projected to reach 2295 in 2023. Activities carried out by these participants on the dark web include developing and maintaining “macOS-specific information stealers”, tools and services, selling macOS enterprise certificates for distributing malware, vulnerability exploitation development, macOS Gatekeeper bypass attacks, and macOS-specific malware strains.

Ant Financial responds to overcharged shopping with Huabei: User consolidation, amount is correct

On the evening of August 8th, the topic “Woman charged over 3,000 yuan by Huabei for a purchase of over 200 yuan” surged to the top of the trending list. Some netizens claimed that they were charged over 3,000 yuan by Huabei for a purchase of just over 200 yuan online, attracting widespread attention. In response to this, Huabei issued a statement in the early morning of August 9th.

Huabei responded to this incident through its official Weibo account: Let’s update everyone on the latest situation. Tonight, Alipay and Huabei’s technical teams, together with the merchant platform, conducted an investigation and confirmed that it was a voluntary consumption payment by the user. After communicating with Ms. Fu during and after the incident, she also stated that multiple orders were merged for payment, totaling over 3,000 yuan. One of the items has been refunded, and the amount is correct. Please rest assured about our security.

NIO and Xiaopeng face pressure, Ideal makes a move: Plans to release three new pure electric vehicles next year

On the evening of August 8th, Beijing time, Ideal Automobile held its Q2 2023 performance conference from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Phoneauto noticed that during this performance conference, Ideal Automobile also revealed some information about new vehicle models.

It is reported that in 2024, excluding the Ideal new MPV model MEGA, Ideal will introduce four new vehicles, including a range-extended SUV and three pure electric models. Including MEGA, Ideal will have a total of eight models on sale next year, including four pure electric models. The number of pure electric models on sale and the number of range-extended models on sale will be approximately 1:1.

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