618 is coming in hot, Huawei Mate X3 leads the industry with ten features

Huawei Mate X3 leads the industry with ten features for the upcoming 618 event

【PhoneAuto News】The annual 618 promotion is officially launched. Every year at this time, everyone will start the crazy “buy, buy, buy” mode. On May 23, JD.com started pre-sale for 618, and “chop-hand party” were busy preparing to empty their shopping carts. Among the many products, mobile phones are the focus of consumers’ attention. For the popular folding screen category nowadays, Huawei’s new folding screen flagship Mate X3 has become the first choice for many consumers to upgrade their phones.

Huawei Mate X3

Huawei has always been a leading presence in the field of folding screen phones, and its products are mature and excellent, winning the favor of many consumers. As Huawei’s flagship folding screen product released in March of this year, Mate X3 incorporates Huawei’s new research results, self-developed materials, and patented technology, achieving both good reputation and sales, and can easily meet people’s different usage needs in daily life.

First of all, Huawei Mate X3 uses ultra-light self-developed materials and a new generation of double-rotating waterdrop hinges, making it a very thin and light folding screen phone. The body weighs only 239g, and the thickness when folded is only 11.08mm, and when unfolded, it is as thin as 5.3mm, which is more than half thinner than Mate X2. Such “volume” and “weight” really make it feel like it is not a folding screen phone. Holding it in your hand is no different from other straight-screen flagship phones, and it is also very easy to use with one hand. Those who have experienced it say it is really good.

As we all know, the biggest feature of a folding screen phone is its foldable screen. Compared with traditional smartphones, one of the advantages of folding screen phones is the larger screen size. Huawei Mate X3 is equipped with a 6.4-inch 3D OLED external screen and a 7.85-inch foldable OLED flexible internal screen, which is really cool to play on the big screen. Both the pixel density of the internal and external screens are 426ppi, and they support a high refresh rate of 120Hz. The display effect is highly consistent, so people will not feel visual fragmentation when using it.

In terms of imaging, the Huawei Mate X3 is equipped with a new XMAGE super-sensing imaging system, with a 50-megapixel super-sensing main camera, a 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, and a 12-megapixel telephoto lens. With new portrait mode and hovering photo-taking functions, it reproduces more realistic colors and textures, making it very suitable for shooting people or scenery, and can meet the diverse photography needs of modern people.

In addition, the Huawei Mate X3 has a 4800mAh large battery built into its slim body, supporting 66W wired super-fast charging, 50W wireless super-fast charging, and 7.5W wireless reverse charging. It also supports the industry-unique emergency mode, which can standby, make calls, and scan QR codes at 1% battery level, truly solving users’ battery life anxiety, and making it easy to go out for a long time. Additionally, this phone adopts the Lingxi communication technology scheme, supporting bidirectional Beidou satellite messages, which can ensure that users have high-quality and unobstructed signals at all times, even in extreme outdoor environments, ensuring timely contact with rescue.

Overall, the Huawei Mate X3 is a foldable screen phone that perfectly achieves flagship level in all aspects, not only solving the pain points of foldable screen phones, but also further expanding the advantages of foldable screen phones. It can be said to be a revolutionary product and a versatile player in all aspects.

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