618 New Choice Huawei MateBook E Series 2-in-1 Laptop for More Efficient Mobile Office

Huawei MateBook E Series 2-in-1 Laptop for Mobile Office

【PhoneAuto News】During the annual 618 shopping festival, many consumers choose new office equipment to improve their productivity in the second half of the year. This year’s 618, we bring you the Huawei MateBook E series 2-in-1 laptop, with breakthrough improvements in ecological integration experience, truly achieving the integration of form and ecology. It also brings new intelligent experiences for our all-scenario mobile office.

Currently, young professionals who use 2-in-1 devices often need to play multiple roles, work with multiple threads, complete multiple tasks, and handle some temporary work while traveling. The “both-and” demands in the workplace make it difficult for them to have their own time. In their daily lives, they also have many interests and hobbies, hoping to achieve a balance between work and life. At this time, using suitable productivity tools to improve efficiency becomes a good choice. The Huawei MateBook E 2023 and MateBook E Go both have the form and ecology of a 2-in-1 device, as well as the interactive ability of a 2-in-1 device, enabling young people to have more efficient choices when dealing with different work and entertainment scenarios.

The Huawei MateBook E 2-in-1 laptop and the Huawei MateBook E Go are equipped with the new Huawei Smart Magnetic Keyboard, supporting PC form, split form, bracket form, and tablet form. The laptop form is more suitable for office use, consistent with the traditional laptop experience; the split form is more suitable for use in narrow places such as high-speed trains or airplanes, and the coordination between the screen and the keyboard can still be well played out; the tablet form can be used as a tablet, and the MateBook E 2-in-1 laptop weighs as light as 699g, and is as thin as 7.99mm, while the Huawei MateBook E Go weighs as light as 710g, and is as thin as 7.68mm. Both products are very light and thin, making them easier to handle than a laptop.

Regarding ecological integration, the Huawei MateBook E 2-in-1 laptop is equipped with the complete Windows 11 operating system. The software we use on the computer can also be used on it, and the experience is consistent. Especially, thanks to the new upgrade of the mobile application engine, users can flexibly use mobile software applications on the Huawei MateBook E 2-in-1 laptop through the LeXiang mobile APP. By logging into the Huawei app market on the phone APP, users can download and install apps with one click, directly using mobile phone apps on the computer, reducing the cumbersome switching between devices, and making it easier for us to focus on one screen for work. This is actually the secret of Huawei MateBook E 2-in-1 laptops to improve work efficiency.

It is worth mentioning that the Huawei MateBook E Go can also achieve a dual-ecosystem on one screen through the WSA Android virtual subsystem. Specifically, users can search and download the WsaExTool tool in the Microsoft official app market to install and use mobile apps. The convenient experience of dual ecosystem on one screen, combined with colorful and diverse appearance and a 65W long-lasting charging adapter, brings a leap in user experience and efficiency.

Whether on the Huawei MateBook E 2-in-1 laptop or the Huawei MateBook E Go, you can enjoy using PC software such as PR and PS for editing and creation while also opening mobile apps such as Douyin to help you get inspiration for video editing, greatly improving productivity and work efficiency.

Regarding interaction and 2-in-1 functionality, both the Huawei MateBook E 2023 model and the Huawei MateBook E Go support the HUAWEI M-Pencil second-generation stylus, which can fully demonstrate the charm of the stylus. One-click excerpt, global annotation, handwritten records, and drawing designs can all be done through the stylus, which traditional laptops do not have. Whether working in the office or on a business trip, equipping these two 2-in-1 laptops with a magical Huawei stylus will provide you with the most unique and efficient smart work experience.

Huawei 618 Smart Enjoyment for the Summer. During the 618 period, the Huawei MateBook E 2-in-1 notebook can be ordered with a maximum discount of 100 yuan and the Huawei MateBook E Go can be ordered with a maximum discount of 500 yuan. With the 2-in-1 form, 2-in-1 ecosystem, and 2-in-1 interaction, we believe that the Huawei MateBook E 2023 and Huawei MateBook E Go will bring you a more efficient and intelligent office experience.

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