Foreign media reports that Huawei plans to return to the 5G mobile phone market this year What do you think?

Huawei plans to re-enter the 5G mobile phone market this year What are your thoughts?

【Phoneauto News】On July 12th, according to foreign media reports, the situation where Huawei phones only support 4G connections will change this year, as the company is preparing to regain 5G connectivity through the upcoming smartphones.

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It is reported that Huawei will launch 5G smartphones later this year, using domestically produced chip solutions. Several third-party technology research companies covering the Chinese smartphone industry have stated that Huawei should be able to leverage its advanced technology in semiconductor design tools and the chip manufacturing technology of SMIC (Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation) to procure 5G chips domestically.

One of the research companies stated that it is expected that Huawei will use SMIC’s N+1 manufacturing process, but due to the predicted yield of available chips being below 50%, the shipment volume of 5G phones will be limited to around 2 to 4 million units. Another company estimates that the shipment volume could reach 10 million units, but no further details were provided.

Earlier this year, Huawei announced a significant breakthrough in Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools for chips manufactured at 14nm and above. SMIC will use EDA software to create chip blueprints for mass production. Another research company stated that Huawei has requested SMIC to produce chip components for 5G products at 14nm and below this year.

According to Canalys data, Huawei’s global smartphone shipments reached 240.6 million units in 2019, which was its peak shipment period. It is worth mentioning that Huawei is gearing up for 2023 and has raised its shipment target for this year. China Securities Journal previously revealed that Huawei has increased its 2023 smartphone shipment target to 40 million units, while at the beginning of the year, the target was set at 30 million units.

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