Zhao Ming It is worth celebrating if Huawei’s 5G products return The industry will become more vibrant

Huawei's 5G products returning is worth celebrating as it will make the industry more vibrant

【phoneauto News】On the evening of July 12th, after the release of Honor Magic V2 and its full-scene new products, Honor CEO Zhao Ming accepted media interviews and answered questions of concern.

A media outlet asked: There are rumors that Huawei’s 5G products will return to the market in the second half of the year. What impact do you think this will have on Honor? Are you looking forward to Huawei’s return to the market?

In response, Zhao Ming said that having more competitors will make the industry more vibrant, so from any perspective, this is something to be happy about. He said, “Chasing and surpassing each other in innovation makes this industry more attractive. We look forward to the emergence of more strong opponents.”

For Honor tonight, it has indeed achieved innovation in many products, especially in promoting the further development of foldable screen phones. After the press conference, Zhao Ming posted two Weibo posts in a row. He said that at a time when both flat-screen and foldable phones cannot break through their respective bottlenecks, Honor creatively breaks boundaries and comprehensively reconstructs hinges, batteries, and architectures. Honor Magic V2 is lighter and thinner than mainstream flagship phones, achieving a great evolution. From now on, foldable screen phones have officially entered the millimeter era!

At the same time, Honor has also used the new generation of Qinghai Lake dual batteries for the first time in foldable screen phones. Zhao Ming said that the newly reconstructed Honor Qinghai Lake battery is as thin as a business card, and the unfolded Honor Magic V2 is only 4.7mm thick, even thinner than the batteries of competitors! Despite its lightweight body, there is no compromise in battery life. Honor Magic V2 has a battery capacity of 5000mAh, and after laboratory testing, its battery life surpasses that of flat-screen phones in both unfolded and closed states. Zhao Ming believes that the Honor Qinghai Lake battery is Honor’s new calling card.

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