Huawei Terminal’s full range of products stunningly appeared at the 2023 Digital Technology Ecology Conference

At the 2023 Digital Technology Ecology Conference, Huawei Terminal showcased an extensive lineup of stunning products

【Mobile China News】From November 10th to November 13th, the 2023 Digital Technology Ecological Conference, organized by China Telecom and numerous well-known companies from China and abroad, was held as scheduled in Pazhou, Guangzhou. As a long-term partner of China Telecom, Huawei showcased its latest terminal products, the Mate 7 series, and comprehensive solutions at the conference, highlighting its industry-leading position and providing attendees with an opportunity to experience Huawei’s full range of products up close.

Huawei's impressive presence with its full range of terminal products at the 2023 Digital Technology Ecological Conference

At the exhibition, Huawei set up five major display areas: terminal display area, smart car area, smart home area, government-enterprise solutions area, and sports health area. The terminal display area was divided into four major series: PC tablets, audio, wearables, and smartphones, showcasing Huawei’s latest autumn products, including the highly popular Mate 60 series, Mate X5, and the first-ever HUAWEI WATCH ULTIMATE DESIGN Masterpiece in gold; the smart car area displayed the Mate M5 Smart Driving Edition and the new Mate 7, allowing attendees to experience HarmonyOS smart cockpits on-site; the smart home area showcased a wall of smart products and offered a complete smart home solution for users to experience, allowing them to experience playing with TV just like playing with a mobile phone; the government-enterprise solutions area featured satellite calling and video calling scenes as well as direct satellite connection scenes with smartphones for users to experience; and the sports health area presented a comprehensive range of content including family fitness, personal health, and telecom health management packages, fully demonstrating Huawei’s sports health solutions.

Huawei's impressive presence with its full range of terminal products at the 2023 Digital Technology Ecological Conference

The three major advantages showcased by Huawei’s terminal division at this conference, including the satellite communication capability of the HUAWEI Mate 60 Pro, the intelligent driving feature of the new Mate 7, and the extraordinary craftsmanship of the HUAWEI Mate 60 RS, have established Huawei as a leader in the industry. Although satellite phones appeared in the 1980s, they have mainly served professional users and have not yet entered the mass consumer market. The introduction of the HUAWEI Mate 60 Pro breaks this barrier, making it the world’s first popular smartphone to support satellite calling, allowing the general public to make satellite calls. In the absence of ground network coverage, the HUAWEI Mate 60 Pro can make and receive satellite calls through the SkyPass satellite network. Users can also freely edit satellite messages and choose multiple location information to generate trajectory maps, enabling them to stay connected even in outdoor scenarios.

Huawei Terminal Full Range Products Dazzle the 2023 Digital Technology Eco-Conference

HUAWEI Mate 60 RS Extraordinary Master and HUAWEI WATCH ULTIMATE DESIGN Extraordinary Master are Huawei’s muscle-flexing in the high-end market, providing users with more diverse choices. The HUAWEI Mate 60 RS Extraordinary Master comes in two colors: red and black. The red ceramic incorporates rare earth elements, making it precious and rare, while the black ceramic exudes unparalleled elegance. In addition, with the ultra-reliable Xuanwu architecture, high-end users can use the device with peace of mind. HUAWEI WATCH ULTIMATE DESIGN Extraordinary Master is also an astonishing masterpiece in Huawei’s high-end lineup. The bezel is adorned with six sections of 18K gold, and the bezel characters feature vacuum ion gold plating technology. The crown is made of gold, and the three-link gold-titanium bracelet accentuates luxury and elegance in every detail. The stunning appearance of these two extraordinary master products attracted the attention and experience of many attendees.

Huawei Terminal Full Range Products Dazzle the 2023 Digital Technology Eco-Conference

The smart driving capability of Wanjie New M7 can be regarded as the industry’s ceiling. HUAWEI ADS 2.0, Huawei’s advanced intelligent driving system, truly enables nationwide usage. It incorporates capabilities such as LCC intelligent intersection, intelligent parking, and smart commuting, making intelligent driving no longer out of reach.

Huawei Terminal Full Range Products Dazzle the 2023 Digital Technology Eco-Conference

In addition to industry-leading product advantages, Huawei’s sports health, terminal enterprise, and whole-house smart solutions provide users with a better user experience. Among them, Huawei’s sports health solution can accurately detect various data, making it a wrist health expert. Moreover, Huawei has also launched operator-customized health management packages to meet users’ more precise needs. The terminal enterprise solution brings professional health big data management, quantum secure conversation, trusted communication, and more, providing secure and differentiated solutions tailored to the precise needs of enterprise users, meeting the individualized needs of each company. Whole-house intelligence showcases Huawei’s flagship smart screen, parent-child routers, and smart security products, providing users with innovative and interactive, secure and convenient experiences.

Huawei Terminal Full Range Products Stunning Appearance at the 2023 Digital Technology Ecological Conference

Huawei Terminal, with its latest terminal products, Wanjie’s new M7, and full-scene solutions, made a stunning appearance at the 2023 Digital Technology Ecological Conference, showcasing Huawei’s latest technological achievements and solutions to the industry. At the same time, through a series of research results, Huawei has created a competitive advantage of surpassing others and being superior to others, providing users with new ideas and choices. It is believed that with the empowerment of Huawei Terminal’s full range of products and series solutions, more and more users and enterprises will enjoy the fruits of technological innovation.

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