Time moves forward, love remains unchanged and Huawei’s smart door lock unlocks motherly love on Mother’s Day

Huawei's smart door lock unlocks motherly love on Mother's Day, as time moves forward but love remains unchanged

【Zhai Mi News】There are a thousand different images of mothers in the hearts of a thousand different people: some are beautiful and enjoy singing and dancing, while others may be nagging. On the eve of Mother’s Day this year (May 13th), Huawei Terminal released a heartwarming short film titled “Time Goes Forward, Love Remains Unchanged.” The video depicts the roles of three generations in life, while also incorporating the intelligent experience of Huawei’s smart door lock. Every stage of childhood is a never-ending effort for mothers, and behind their nagging lies deep love. When we were young, we may not have understood this, but as we grow up, we may eventually become the kind of mothers we once saw in our own eyes.

The video begins from a mother’s perspective, telling the story of a new mother. From the birth of her daughter, the mother constantly learns new skills to take care of her child. Nagging is also a unique skill possessed by mothers. In the video, when the daughter gets her clothes dirty from playing, the mother checks to see if she’s hurt while nagging at the same time. A mother’s nagging and worry can be seen in every detail of daily life. For example, during the era of mechanical door locks, mothers would often worry about whether their children had returned home from school on time and couldn’t fully focus on work at the office. Mothers may need to take time off work to come home and check if their child has returned home. Later, with the advent of telephones, mothers would call home repeatedly to confirm if their child had returned home. With the advancement of technology in the era of smart door locks, when a child unlocks the door, the mother who is working far away in the office receives a notification on her phone, indicating that her daughter has arrived home. This is another selling point of Huawei’s smart door lock – the homecoming reminder. It supports automatic reminders for family members who return home, whether it’s a child returning home from school or an elderly person returning home from grocery shopping. There is no need to constantly worry about the safety of family members, as a single door lock can solve the problem.

Actually, a mother’s nagging to her daughter comes from her own mother. When mechanical locks were still used, it was common to go back and check if the door was locked after locking it. With the Huawei Smart Door Lock, it supports a reminder function for unlocked doors, so there is no need to go back and check if the door is locked. At that time, it was also necessary to bring keys when going out, but often they were lost, resulting in nagging. This may be an embarrassing experience for many people when they were young. The author also had the experience of losing the house key when he was young, and the feeling was complicated at that time. Now, with the Huawei Smart Door Lock, it supports AI 3D face recognition, fingerprint unlock, Huawei mobile phone touch unlock, Huawei watch touch unlock, encrypted NFC card touch unlock, password unlock and other unlocking methods. Even if you forget to bring your keys, you can easily unlock it. This is the convenience that smart life brings us, and it is also the peace of mind for our mothers. Moreover, the Huawei Smart Door Lock Pro has passed dual security certification (the world’s first smart door lock to obtain the highest security level C evaluation of the security level evaluation of the Smart Standardization Commission and the CCRC enhanced security certification), with C-level lock cores, anti-cat eye unlocking, anti-violent destruction and other hardware protection capabilities, as well as security alarms, AI monitoring and capturing and other software guardianship capabilities, which have built a security line for families and reached a new height in unlocking experience.

There are many heartwarming scenes in the video, and the last scene touched me the most. When the mother was alone at home, ready to go out to buy groceries, she heard her granddaughter’s childish voice from the door lock: “Grandma, don’t forget to turn off the gas when you go out to buy groceries.” The Huawei Smart Door Lock’s reminder function for elderly people living alone makes them safer and allows their children to be more at ease. Actually, true filial piety is not about how much money children can earn, but about spending more time with family and protecting their peaceful life.

As a heartwarming masterpiece launched by Huawei on the eve of Mother’s Day, “Time Goes Forward, Love Remains Unchanged” ingeniously connects Huawei’s smart door lock with motherly love, pushing the story’s development through the evolution of the door lock. Today, Huawei’s smart door lock brings us a smarter and more convenient user experience. With AI 3D facial recognition, HarmonyOS distributed visual cat’s eye, and the industry’s original dual-engine AI fingerprint unlock, Huawei’s smart door lock provides comprehensive protection for our smart lives. Unlock your nagging and unlock love with Huawei’s smart door lock.

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