I unexpectedly started a retirement life in the game Quick review of the Jian Shen Han mobile game open beta

'I started an unexpected retirement life in the open beta of the mobile game Jian Shen Han'

【PhoneAuto Review】On June 30th, the mobile game “Nishuihan” officially entered the public beta, aiming to create a “breathing world”. The game was officially launched at 10:30 am on the same day. This game can be said to have been eagerly anticipated by many players for a long time, with over 45 million pre-registrations before the public beta. During the pre-registration period, Apple’s App Store gave it Today’s featured recommendation four times, and on the first day of pre-download, it climbed to the top of the major game platforms’ rankings.

The mobile game “Nishuihan” is adapted from one of the “Four Great Masters of Chinese Martial Arts,” Mr. Wen Ruian’s classic martial arts literature work “The Four Great Catchers: Nishuihan”. The story takes place in the late Northern Song Dynasty, which is on the verge of collapse. Therefore, in this vast world of the Northern Song Dynasty, NetEase has made it more realistic and vibrant through AI technology. In addition to the intoxicating natural scenery and urban landscapes, players can also hear various vendors’ cries and ordinary conversations and gossip of the common people while walking through the market, as if they were really in the city of Bianjing in the Northern Song Dynasty.

City scenery of Bianjing

As a “veteran player” who participated in the closed beta, the author had already created a game character before the game’s official launch. As soon as the game opened, they logged in immediately. However, as expected, due to the influx of players in an instant, there was a queue to enter the game. After about ten minutes of waiting in line, the author finally entered the game.

Pre-set character before the game’s launch

During the previous closed beta test, due to limited time, the author had a feeling of rushing to complete tasks when playing the game, attempting to experience every aspect of the “Nishuihan” mobile game within a limited time. However, in this open beta test, as an “experienced player”, the author let go and started to “neglect work” from the moment I entered the game.

Having tea by the street, taking a short break

After completing the fixed plot and gaining freedom for the character to move around, the author started the long-awaited “retirement life”, going to a tea house for tea when there’s nothing to do, buying a big meat bun from a roadside stall, or using light skills to reach the highest point in the city to admire the panoramic view and the various aspects of life. In addition, during the main storyline, the author also discovered a street performer that didn’t appear in the closed beta test – a fast-paced storytelling artist performing “The Beheading Beauty” (it’s also possible that the author didn’t notice it during the closed beta test). Therefore, the author ignored the characters in the main storyline and stopped in front of the fast-paced artist, quietly enjoying the performance.

Street performer – Fast-paced storytelling

The most important feature of the mobile game “Nishuihan” is the built-in AI technology, which can be said to be the first AI game in China that is available to the public. For example, in the character creation stage, in addition to the conventional fine-tuning of facial features, players only need to take a photo or describe their appearance, and the game will automatically generate the desired image. This AI character creation even caught the attention of CCTV, who reported on it.

CCTV report on AI character creation in the mobile game “Nishuihan”

Regarding AI technology, the author believes that the best intuitive representation of “Jianghu” in the mobile game “Nishuihan” is in the design of NPCs. In this game, NPCs are no longer simple “robots” with mechanically repeated fixed lines, but more like living individuals. Just like NetEase’s definition of this game, “Nishuihan” is a “breathing Jianghu”.

Setting NPC’s hair on fire

While walking on the streets of Bianjing, the resident NPCs may get angry if you accidentally bump into them. And if you press the basic attack button towards them, they will dodge and complain about why you hurt them. You can even use the martial arts skill “Burning Flames” to tease the NPCs, setting their hair on fire and forcing them to jump into the river to put it out. Of course, as a “breathing Jianghu”, such “inhumane” actions in “Nishuihan” will attract the attention of government officials. In the end, the author was caught in public by the Six Doors Constable due to repeatedly setting NPCs’ hair on fire. If it weren’t for the fact that the author had opened some treasure chests before and had some money on him, he would probably have suffered in jail.

Captured by the constable on the spot

In addition, the mobile game “Nishuihan” also includes several intelligent NPCs that can engage in real conversations, each with their own personalities and identities. There are bookish He Wenmin, the girl Yaozhi who loves playing the zither, and the newly appointed female constable Meng Sanku, and so on. Players can freely converse with these NPCs, just like chatting with others on social media.

Chatting with intelligent NPCs

I believe readers who have read my article “Exposing the AI in the mobile game ‘Nishuihan’: The NPC I created unexpectedly cheated on me” during the closed beta should know how capable these intelligent NPCs are. Therefore, in order to retaliate for the “cheating” at that time, I specifically chose a male character this time. I am determined to win Lan’er, who was deceived by Zhangxing, back into my own hands and let that scumbag feel the pain of being cheated on!

For someone like me who wants to experience retired life in the game, the main storyline and leveling up by fighting monsters naturally become less important. Daily leisure mini-games and experiencing different professions are the key focus of my gaming experience.

Wind-Chasing Flower mini-game

First of all, there are mini-games everywhere in the game, which are almost the best way for players to obtain high-quality equipment in the early stages. By completing different mini-games, such as hitting the jars in the order of the Chinese traditional musical notes Gong, Shang, Jue, Yu, using the “Wind Surge” skill to blow the windmills on the street, and completing a grid with a single stroke, players can obtain treasure chests and open them to get surprising equipment and items.

12 different professions

In terms of professions, the mobile game “Nishuihan” covers almost every aspect of that era. There are 12 major categories, including mining, pharmaceuticals, dance, and solving cases, with nearly 100 different professional identities. Compared to other games, this is essentially a leading edge in terms of diversity.

Process of solving cases

As a 95s who grew up watching detective dramas and comics, being an investigator has naturally become my first choice. In my daily activities, I can search for various cases to solve in the bustling city streets, giving me the feeling of being a famous detective in the Northern Song Dynasty. It’s absolutely amazing.

Interrogation, with the focus on influencing the mind

In addition, “Nishuihan” also has many surprising little designs. In Hangzhou’s West Lake, a place that attracts literati and scholars, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the lake while playing your own music, or spend a little money to experience the pleasure of being on a boat listening to ancient music. Moreover, through AI technology, you can create your own Song poetry and ink paintings.

“Jiangchengzi” written by AI technology

Overall, compared to other martial arts mobile games, this “Nishuihan” mobile game truly achieves a grand and open martial arts world. Especially during the game, players do not have to rush around for the main storyline. Instead, they can live their daily lives and enjoy leisure activities like a real character in the game world. This undoubtedly hits the sore spot of a “lazy boy” like me.

In addition, the art design of this game is also excellent, reproducing the prosperous scene of the Northern Song Dynasty with its “smoky willow bridge, emerald green curtains, and tens of thousands of houses in disorder”. Players can experience the beauty of Hangzhou’s West Lake with its “shimmering water under clear skies, and misty mountains even in the rain”, as well as the desolation and killing of “cold clouds carrying flying snow. At dusk, geese fly over the Yamen Pass”. And with the help of AI technology, this game allows people with social anxiety to have an excellent gaming experience, without having to worry about finding teammates for dungeon exploration. It can be said that the mobile game “Nishuihan” truly depicts a “breathing world of rivers and lakes”.

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