Three Major Weapons Ideal Automotive Brings the Charging Speed of Pure Electric Vehicles into the 5G Era

Ideal Automotive's Three Major Weapons for Faster Charging Speeds in Pure Electric Vehicles in the 5G Era

【PhoneAuto News】On June 22nd, the official account of Ideal Auto published an article to introduce how it brings the charging speed of electric vehicles into the “5G era”. It has three magic weapons: first, the self-developed 800V high-voltage pure electric platform, which can charge for 9 minutes and 30 seconds and continue to drive for 400 kilometers; second, the self-built and self-operated 5C supercharging network, which eliminates the anxiety of long-distance charging for pure electric vehicle users; third, the use of intelligent technology such as automatic charging robots to change the energy supplement experience of pure electric products, and even surpass fuel vehicles.

At present, the common charging problems in the industry are slow charging speed and difficulty in long-distance charging. According to measurement data, it takes about half an hour on average for mainstream models to charge from 20% to 80% of SOC, and often more than an hour in winter. There are only 18,000 charging piles in the national highway service area. The ratio of new energy vehicles to high-speed charging piles is about 728:1, which often causes long queues for charging during holidays in the highway service area. Ideal Auto’s self-developed 800V high-voltage pure electric platform can charge for 9 minutes and 30 seconds to drive for 400 kilometers, greatly reducing the charging time.

The 5C battery solution brings faster energy supplement rate, and the charging time for driving 400 kilometers is 50% shorter than that of 2C pure electric models and 66% shorter than that of mainstream 1.6C pure electric models. With the on-the-go thermal management function, the charging time for driving 400 kilometers can be less than 10 minutes within the “wide temperature range” from minus 10℃ to high temperature 40℃. Ideal Auto’s self-developed, self-built and self-operated 5C supercharging network will gradually upgrade 4C supercharging stations to 5C supercharging stations. By 2023, the number of supercharging stations will exceed 300, and by 2025, it will exceed 3,000. At that time, the average distance between stations will be less than 100 kilometers, and each station can serve 9-20 cars per hour. In addition, automatic charging robots will also provide better energy supplement efficiency and experience than gas stations.

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