Ideal Car Launches Extreme Weather User Care Program, Rescue Check-Up Completely Free

Ideal Car introduces Extreme Weather User Care Program - Free Rescue Check-Up

【Phoneauto News】Recently, due to the arrival of Typhoon Dusu Rui, many parts of our country, especially coastal areas, have encountered extreme heavy rain weather, which has also had a significant impact on many car owners. On July 31, Ideal Automobile released the Extreme Weather User Care Plan, hoping to provide more assistance to users affected by typhoons and heavy rain, and to ensure the safety of everyone’s vehicles.

From the user care plan released by Ideal Automobile, it can be seen that Ideal Automobile provides users with multiple services. In terms of vehicle rescue, Li Xiang said that if the owner’s city and region are affected by typhoons and heavy rain, and their vehicles experience failures due to urban waterlogging in extreme weather and require roadside assistance, they can call Ideal Automobile’s official phone number. Ideal will keep the line open 24/7 and provide free roadside assistance to owners.

In terms of warranty, the repair and replacement of components caused by this typhoon and heavy rain will not affect the overall vehicle warranty. For users who originally had a lifelong warranty, the replaced components will continue to enjoy the lifelong warranty. For users who originally had a basic warranty, the replaced components will also continue to enjoy the basic warranty. If the vehicle is damaged due to extreme weather and an insurance claim needs to be made, Ideal Automobile’s exclusive service experts will assist users in quickly completing insurance claims and repairs until the vehicle returns to normal.

In terms of charging, in areas affected by typhoons and heavy rain, if Ideal home charging piles are submerged in waterlogging, Ideal Automobile will provide users with free line inspections after the water recedes to ensure safety. If the line or charging pile needs to be replaced, Ideal Automobile will also provide free replacements. If the vehicle is involved in dangerous water activities such as prolonged or deep water immersion during extreme weather, users can go to Ideal Automobile repair centers or authorized body spray centers afterwards, and Ideal will provide free inspections of water-related components.

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