Ideal L9 Pro officially launched! Unified retail price of 4298 million yuan, to be delivered this month

Ideal L9 Pro officially launched! Retail price 4298 million yuan Delivery this month

【Phoneauto News】On August 3rd, Ideal Car announced that the Ideal L9 Pro is officially on sale with a nationwide retail price of 429,800 yuan, which is 30,000 yuan lower than the L9 Max.

Ideal L9 Pro officially on sale

On June 21, 2022, Ideal Car officially released the Ideal L9, a global intelligent flagship SUV designed for families. The Ideal L9 is a flagship full-size SUV that has created 6 seats of ultimate comfort space for family users, with 100 flagship configurations as standard across the entire range.

The main difference between the Ideal L9 Max and L9 Pro is the intelligent driving. The L9 Max uses AD Max intelligent driving, while the L9 Pro uses AD Pro intelligent driving. AD Pro intelligent driving is equipped with a Horizon Journey 5 chip × 1, with a total computing power of 128 TOPS. In terms of perception capability, AD Pro intelligent driving is equipped with 1 8 million pixel camera, 9 2 million pixel cameras, 1 forward millimeter-wave radar, and 12 ultrasonic sensors, positioning it as “safe and comfortable high-speed NOA assisted driving”. For reference, AD Max is positioned as “equipped with lidar full-scenario assisted driving”.

Ideal L9 Pro officially on sale

As an intelligent flagship SUV designed for families, the Ideal L9 has flagship-level space and comfort. The dimensions of the vehicle are: length 5218mm, width 1998mm, height 1800mm, and wheelbase 3105mm.

The Ideal L9 adopts four-way electric adjustable steering wheel, providing convenient and comfortable boarding and disembarking experience for the driver. All seats in the car are electrically adjustable and come standard with seat heating function, as well as 3D comfort sponge and Nappa leather. The first and second row seats are also equipped with wing heating function, seat ventilation, and SPA-level ten-point massage. The specially designed right seat of the second row is equipped with four-way electric adjustable leg rest and carefully designed small table, providing a truly first-class cabin-level riding experience. At the same time, the L9 also has rich storage space carefully designed for each seat, meeting the needs of everyone in the family. It also provides a dedicated rear-mounted car refrigerator, equipped with an independent compressor to provide exclusive refrigeration and insulation functions, and can accurately set the temperature.

Ideal L9 has been well received by many families since its launch. It is a Chinese brand car model with a monthly delivery volume of over 10,000 units and a price of over 400,000 RMB. Ideal L9 Pro is now available for pre-order and will be delivered in August. Purchasers can enjoy a 5-year or 100,000 kilometer warranty and other benefits.

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