Zhao Ming I am a fan of Steve Jobs If he is present, I hope to give him a like

I'm Zhao Ming, a fan of Steve Jobs I would like to give him a like if he is here

【Phoneauto News】On the evening of July 12th, after the new product launch event, media interviewed Honor CEO Zhao Ming: If you had the opportunity to have a conversation with Steve Jobs, what kind of questions would you ask?

In response, Zhao Ming said, “I am not a fan of Apple, but a fan of Steve Jobs. If I were lucky enough to meet him today, I would be excited. The best way to remember Steve Jobs is to cherish the opportunities brought by today’s technological innovations, such as AI big models, new energy technologies, new material technologies, etc. We have more possibilities than the Steve Jobs era and can create better products. We need to work hard and hope that Steve Jobs can give me a thumbs up.”

At tonight’s Honor Magic V2 and Full-Scene New Product Launch Event, Honor brought the new generation of foldable flagship – the Magic V2 series. It is a flat-fold screen phone that achieves a lighter and thinner design than mainstream flagship phones, truly breaking the boundaries between foldable and flat phones.

It is understood that the Magic V2 has a thickness of only 4.7mm when unfolded, but is equipped with a 5000mAh battery from Qinghai Lake. It not only surpasses some flat phones in terms of slimness, but also performs better in battery life. Zhao Ming even announced directly that foldable screen phones have officially entered the millimeter era.

Indeed, the current Magic V2 foldable screen phone has achieved the practicality of flat phones. It strengthens the strength of foldable phones through a titanium alloy hinge, while surpassing flat phones in terms of slimness. This is not just a simple improvement in the appearance and feel of foldable phones, but a progress in the entire foldable screen experience. In front of consumers, the current Magic V2 is believed to be more attractive compared to flat flagship phones.

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