iPhone 13 Pro dropped into water, retrieved and still functioning normally after being soaked for over 40 minutes!

iPhone 13 Pro soaked in water for over 40 minutes but still working normally!

【phoneauto News】With the advancement of technology, nowadays, most mobile phones have some degree of waterproof function, which means that even if they fall into the water and are immediately retrieved, they can still function normally. On August 9th, a blogger shared on Weibo the incident of his friend’s iPhone 13 Pro falling into the water, and surprisingly, it could still function normally after being immersed for 30 minutes.

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In the early morning of August 9th, digital blogger @ (Lao Bao Technology) posted on Weibo, saying: “Something sudden happened. A colleague who likes fishing sent a message for help. He accidentally dropped his phone into the pond while fishing, and it is currently missing. He doesn’t know how to swim, so I’m going to shake someone and go to the scene to investigate. The phone is an iPhone 13 Pro in silver color, the same as the one shown in the picture.”

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According to Apple’s official promotion, the iPhone 13 Pro has IP68-level waterproofing and can stay underwater at a depth of 6 meters for up to 30 minutes. However, it has been 20 minutes since this iPhone 13 Pro fell into the water. According to the owner, the phone was dropped with the flashlight on, but calls could not be made, possibly due to no signal underwater.

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After more than 30 minutes of being immersed in water, the iPhone 13 Pro was finally retrieved. The flashlight was still on when it was retrieved, and “nothing happened”. The blogger said, “The silver iPhone 13 Pro that I got tonight is the one with a big scratch that I saw when I unboxed it that year. This phone was born with a birthmark, but I didn’t expect it to have amazing water resistance. It stayed underwater for over a meter deep for forty minutes and nothing happened.”

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The waterproof performance of the iPhone has been relatively good. Similar cases have occurred online before, where the phone was dropped into water and still usable after being retrieved. According to the information, if the phone falls into water, it should be immediately taken out and turned off, all accessories should be unplugged, and paper towels or cloth should be used to remove water from the outside and gaps of the phone. Then, use a hairdryer to blow cold air towards the headphone jack and card slot, and preferably place the phone in a warmer place for drying. However, the protective performance may decrease due to daily wear and tear. If the phone is severely water damaged and there is visible water mist around the camera, the best course of action is to immediately find a mobile phone repair shop for disassembly and treatment.

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