iPhone 15 may help Apple and TSMC earn billions of dollars more We are winning!

iPhone 15 could boost Apple and TSMC revenue significantly Success!

【PhoneAuto News】Recently, PhoneAuto noticed that overseas media reported that the iPhone 15 series models will contribute billions of dollars in revenue to companies such as Apple and TSMC. Among them, Apple’s revenue growth may be due to the hot sales of the iPhone 15 series models and more consumers beginning to pay attention to the Pro models of the iPhone series, while TSMC’s revenue growth may come from Apple’s huge chip demand, which requires TSMC to meet.

It is reported that the iPhone 15 series models will be officially released this fall, and many consumers have high expectations for this series of models. There are rumors that Apple will make a lot of upgrades to this phone, including adopting a new design, completely saying goodbye to the notch on the front screen of the phone, adding innovative functions, and so on. Therefore, Apple is also optimistic about the sales of the iPhone 15. This is reflected in the orders that Apple has given to its business partners.

At the same time, TSMC expects its revenue for the third quarter of this year to increase by about 11%. The main reason for TSMC’s revenue growth is the A16 and A17, the two official bionic chips of Apple. In the latest A17 chip, TSMC will use its advanced 3nm process to produce it, and the corresponding production cost will undoubtedly be higher. Moreover, due to Apple’s optimistic sales of the iPhone 15 series models, Apple may increase its orders for 3nm chips from TSMC, which will further help TSMC achieve its business growth goals.

In addition, according to surveys, starting from at least the iPhone 14 series, more and more consumers are paying attention to the Pro and other high-end models in the iPhone series, which will further drive Apple’s revenue growth.

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