iPhone and ePhone are on fire! Silence is iPhone, and loudness is ePhone?

'iPhone and ePhone are hot! iPhone is silent, while ePhone is loud?'

【Phoneauto News】Recently, a blogger joked that “the iPhone is the phone that is always on silent, and the phone that plays sound is the ePhone,” which sparked a discussion among netizens. As of the time of writing, the hashtag #iPhone ePhone# still ranks first on the Weibo hot search list, and some netizens jokingly said that the phone that doesn’t respond to silent mode is the ie Phone.

iPhone and ePhone trending

In the MBTI personality test, the “e-person” refers to people with more extroverted personalities, so netizens call the phone that plays sound all the time ePhone, referring to extroverted phones. On the other hand, “i” represents introverted and introverted types. “i-person” refers to people with more introverted personalities, so choosing a phone that is always on silent mode is the iPhone. That’s the meaning behind the iPhone and ePhone meme.

ePhone being registered

There is also the saying of “i-person” and “e-person.” “i” stands for “Introverted,” representing introverted and introverted types of people who are good at independent thinking and derive energy from self-reflection. “e” stands for “Extroverted,” representing extroverted and extraverted types.

According to the Tianyancha App, the trademark “ePhone” has been applied for registration by multiple parties, including several companies and individuals. The earliest application was in 2003, and the international classifications involve advertising sales, scientific instruments, communication services, etc. Multiple trademarks applied by companies such as Shenzhen Wanlida Mobile Communication Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Yin Feng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. have been registered, while the rest of the trademark applications are invalid.

In addition, variants of ePhone like ephone have also been registered. In fact, ephone is a real smartphone launched by the domestic security phone brand e company.

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