iPhone Strange Phone Case Appears, Instantly Becomes Huawei’s New Flagship. Netizens Ugly to the Extreme.

Unexpected iPhone Case Emerges, Rapidly Transforms into Huawei's Latest Flagship. Public Outrage Reaches Unprecedented Levels.

【Mobile China News】”Being in Cao’s camp but having the heart in Han” is a classic idiom from the novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms,” which metaphorically describes being in one camp but thinking about the camp one originally belonged to. Unexpectedly, this idiom can now be used to describe a phone case. According to Mobile China, a blogger recently shared a series of bizarre iPhone case pictures that look very similar to the Huawei Mate60 series flagship, but the position of the camera looks awkward no matter how you look at it, leading some netizens to exclaim “it’s ugly to the extreme.”

Huawei Mate60 Pro+ in white Huawei Mate60 Pro+ in white

From the pictures shared by the blogger, it seems that more than one company is making similar iPhone cases because of the slight differences in details. For example, the logo position at the bottom of the case, some have a blank space, some directly print the word “HUAWEI,” and others write “HUAPPLE,” which combines Huawei and Apple, making it an epic merger case.

Bizarre iPhone case transforms into Huawei flagship, netizens: extremely ugly

Bizarre iPhone case transforms into Huawei flagship, netizens: extremely ugly

iPhone case (source: Weibo) iPhone case (source: Weibo)

However, the logo is not the focal point. The most noticeable aspect of these cases is the position of the camera. Due to the significant differences in appearance and position of the iPhone and Mate60 series camera module, this forced design style looks very messy, giving a hasty impression and a strong sense of counterfeit. Upon seeing this, netizens were no longer calm. Some expressed, “I’m speechless,” “This is outrageous,” “It’s a bit too ugly,” while others jokingly said, “This is the rhythm of being acquired by Huawei,” “It’s like having the best of both worlds.”

So, are there really people buying these iPhone cases?

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