Tesla Cybertruck production line video exposed, it seems to still be manually assembled?

It appears that the Tesla Cybertruck production line video shows manual assembly

【Phoneauto News】As Tesla’s first pickup truck model, the Tesla Cybertruck has attracted widespread attention and discussion since its release in November 2019. With its futuristic design, it has already accumulated over a million orders. Although Musk previously stated that the vehicle will be officially mass-produced by the end of this year, there is still not much specific information about the car.

Recently, a netizen uploaded a video online, which appears to be the assembly of the Tesla Cybertruck, sparking discussions among netizens. In the video, we can see a Cybertruck chassis fixed on a platform, surrounded by several workers conducting inspections and adjustments, seemingly engaged in manual assembly. Unlike other vehicles produced on automated assembly lines, this white body seems to be fixed on a movable hand-pushed platform, making it easier to move the body from one process to another in the factory.

Although it is difficult to notice the details of the vehicle in the video, according to the information collected by the video uploader, this pickup truck has already been installed with the interior and windshield glass. At the same time, the doors and all other bolt-fixed body parts are still missing, possibly because workers need to first install the interior or other accessories located in the body. It is worth noting that all mainstream automakers typically use this method to manually assemble new vehicle prototypes and address all issues before the prototypes enter automated assembly line production to avoid bringing problems into mass production.

From the official photos released by Tesla, it appears that most of the body structure of the Cybertruck can be assembled by various robots, but the final assembly still seems to be done manually by employees. Tesla has stated that this electric pickup truck has entered pre-production at its Gigafactory in Texas and deliveries are expected to begin before the end of this year.

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