JDcom Global Innovation Partner Conference Held Screen Internet of Things Strategy Steadily Advances, Integration and Coexistence Never Stops

JDcom Global Innovation Partner Conference focuses on the steady advancement of the Internet of Things strategy, emphasizing the integration and coexistence of technologies

【PhoneAuto News】After nearly three years, I finally had the opportunity to experience BOE’s charm offline again. On June 28th, BOE (BOE Group) Global Innovation Partner Conference·2023 (BOE IPC·2023) grandly opened at the Beijing·Beiren Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of this conference is “Screen IoT, Integration and Coexistence,” attracting global industry experts and partners. The conference includes multiple forums, showcasing new products, and other activities. Worth mentioning is that this conference also featured the world’s first 8K+5G ultra-high-definition broadcasting car for live 8K broadcasting, presenting a splendid industry ecological event for the audience.

This conference kicked off with a keynote speech by BOE Chairman Chen Yanshun on the theme of “Screen IoT, Integration and Coexistence.” In his speech, he reviewed the role and contributions of BOE in the era of the Internet, mobile Internet, and IoT over the past 30 years. He pointed out, “In response to the trend of the times, we propose the ‘Screen IoT’ development strategy, which means integrating more functions into the screen, deriving more forms, and embedding it in more scenes. We will continue to deepen innovation cooperation with partners around the ‘screen,’ build a collaborative ecosystem, and empower digital transformation in various industries.”

In addition, the BOE Chairman also mentioned in the keynote speech that BOE will integrate the “screen” into the digital transformation processes of various industries and already has over 5,000 partners. The President of BOE stated that in the future, they will focus on the integration of core technologies such as display and AI, and work with partners to achieve value enhancement through innovation.

In addition to Chen Yanshun, the Chairman of BOE, academic experts and industry elites such as Liu Qiao, Dean of Guanghua School of Management at Peking University, Meng Pu, Chairman of Qualcomm China, Chen Mingjie, Director of Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage, and Liu Wenqing, Deputy Director of China Industrial Internet Research Institute, delivered keynote speeches at the conference, sharing visionary insights and sparking strong resonance among the participants.

Aside from intellectual collisions, a series of cutting-edge products showcased in the exhibition area were also impressive. In the LCD field, the 110-inch UB Cell display, empowered by ADS Pro advanced display technology, became one of the highlights of the conference. It features six core advantages: 178-degree ultra-wide viewing angle, ultra-low reflection, high contrast, high refresh rate, high color gamut, and high brightness. It can achieve perfect display effects with extreme black state and high environmental light contrast, rivaling the high-end display effects and stunning experience of OLED, truly deserving to be a milestone product leading the LCD field.

In the field of flexible displays, BOE (BOE) globally launched a 17-inch curved notebook product and the industry’s first cross-directional folding product, based on a new module structure solution that enables full-screen unfolding, X-direction folding, and Y-direction folding. The industry-leading Tandem flexible screen integrates LTPO and Tandem technologies, achieving a peak brightness of 2000nits in high-brightness mode while reducing energy consumption by over 20% and increasing device lifespan by 3-4 times.

In the MLED field, BOE (BOE) showcased the world’s leading LTPS P0.5 COG AM MLED display product, which adopts the innovative side wiring technology, reaching the top level in the industry.

In addition, this IPC conference also released BOE’s 32-inch light field 3D display and exhibited a variety of leading products, including a 31.5-inch UHD 480Hz high-end gaming display, the world’s first 27-inch low-carbon display 2.0 product, the industry’s first ADS Pro three-hundred color gamut switchable display, and the world’s first 1.3-inch 4K Micro OLED display, continuously leading the global display industry’s development trend.

Today, displays are everywhere. BOE (BOE Technology Group) integrates screens into various aspects of people’s lives by leveraging core technologies such as display, sensing, and artificial intelligence. At the entrance of the exhibition area of this IPC conference, BOE (BOE Technology Group) explains how the Internet of Things central control platform provides strong support for the implementation of the “screen IoT” strategy, helping BOE (BOE Technology Group) transition from devices to products and scenes.

In the field of smart parks, BOE (BOE Technology Group)’s cloud-edge-end architecture edge intelligence solution provides customers with “cloud development and end deployment” operations and maintenance capabilities. Compared to centralized cloud storage solutions, it effectively reduces computing resources by nearly 70%, enabling three-dimensional intelligent operation of personnel mobility and scenic area security. Currently, BOE (BOE Technology Group)’s smart park solution has been applied in more than 20 cities including Beijing, Hebei, Jiangxi, and Tianjin.

In the field of smart finance, BOE (BOE Technology Group) has also provided significant assistance to relevant enterprises. BOE’s “screen + platform + software + content” integrated solution has been applied in many financial institutions such as Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, and China Minsheng Bank, with service outlets exceeding 3,000 and covering 25 cities, greatly promoting the intelligent transformation of bank outlets.

In the field of smart transportation, based on the integration of leading global display and AIoT (AI + IoT) technologies, BOE (BOE Technology Group) launched the world’s first smart cockpit, equipped with a 42.2-inch full-screen display and a 6.94-inch CMS (electronic rearview mirror). The overall appearance, display, hardware cards, and software system of the entire cockpit are independently developed by BOE (BOE Technology Group). The screen provides an ultimate visual experience with 10K ultra-high resolution, million-level ultra-high contrast, and 110% color gamut. The instrument panel area is equipped with an under-screen camera, enabling smart functions that are both user-friendly and secure. At the same time, the smart car also implements five AI safety driving technologies, including seat belt detection, fatigue driving recognition, and owner identification.

Jingdongfang not only showcased a variety of globally leading technologies and products at the IPC conference, but also brought numerous cutting-edge innovative technologies to the world for the first time in collaboration with ecological partners such as Honor, Hongqi, NIO, Aston Martin, Chery, and Xiaopeng. For example, the wallpaper TV jointly launched by Jingdongfang and Skyworth adopts HSR technology, with a coverage rate of up to 120Hz-240Hz; the Honor Magic5 series is equipped with a 6.81-inch flexible OLED screen from Jingdongfang, achieving lower power consumption; Jingdongfang and Corning jointly launched innovative products such as glass-based smart antennas and diffusion plates; the NIO ES6 uses a 12.8-inch flexible OLED display from Jingdongfang, providing users with an immersive driving experience…

Currently, emerging cutting-edge display technologies continue to emerge, and diversified innovative application scenarios continue to expand. The wave of digitization and intelligence led by the new generation of information technology is driving displays to be more deeply integrated into various areas of human life. Jingdongfang’s advantages in this regard have become increasingly evident. So far, BOE (Jingdongfang) has accumulated more than 80,000 independent patent applications, including over 28,000 related to flexible OLED technology. Since 2021, the company has continuously invested over 10 billion yuan in research and development for two consecutive years.

Under the strong promotion of the “Screen IoT” strategy, Jingdongfang has become a leading global IoT innovation enterprise, and has also empowered a considerable number of ecological partners. With continuous investment in research and development and innovation, it has added more possibilities for the future. Today, as BOE (Jingdongfang) stands at the starting point of the next thirty years, it will comprehensively create an industrial value innovation ecosystem “Powered by BOE” through the dual value drivers of “technology + brand”. It will empower upstream and downstream partners through forward-looking technology research and development and application innovation, build an IoT ecosystem, win development opportunities together, and create a better future!

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