Jia Yueting releases a letter to all investors, fully promoting the landing of FF China

Jia Yueting promotes FF China's launch in a letter to investors

【PhoneAuto News】On the afternoon of June 21st, Jia Yueting, the founder and CPO of Faraday Future, released a letter to all investors, honestly communicating one issue and two major opportunities. The issue refers to the delay in the second phase delivery of FF 91, and the two major opportunities respectively refer to: 1. FF’s unique historical opportunity in the wave of subversive luxury market of intelligent electric car technology; 2. The significant opportunity for FF to break through the funding bottleneck through stock and equity expansion and realize the “subverter + pioneer” strategy.

Jia Yueting pointed out that the delay in the second phase delivery of FF 91 until August reflects that FF team urgently needs to improve its industrial and financing capabilities. As long as there is reasonable capital investment, FF team has confidence in rapidly improving the overall capabilities of both new and old industrialization team. Secondly, “Five Forces for Winning” are product strength, technology strength, brand strength, sales strength, and user strength, which are FF’s unique historical opportunities in the wave of subversive luxury market of intelligent electric car technology. Jia Yueting emphasized that as long as new capital is in place, FF can quickly realize capacity and sales growth, income growth, and value rapid enhancement, different from the cash-burning mode of other new forces in car-making industry, realizing a positive cycle of less investment and high returns, maximizing the interests of shareholders and investors. In the open letter, Jia Yueting also revealed that FF China project is being pushed forward with full force.

As early as March 30th, Faraday Future held the FF 91 Futurist production launch conference, announcing that FF 91 officially started production from the FF ieFactory California factory. At that time, the CEO of Faraday Future Global, Chen Xuefeng, the founder and CPO of Faraday Future, Jia Yueting, and Matthias Aydt, the senior vice president of global product execution of Faraday Future, participated in the event and made speeches.

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