Jianjie M5 ranks first in quality in the mainstream plug-in hybrid subdivision market of Jundi (Note The original text is in simplified Chinese characters, so the translation is also in simplified Chinese)

Jianjie M5 is the top quality plug-in hybrid in Jundi's mainstream market

【PhoneAuto News】On June 1st, Consumer Insight and Market Research Agency J.D. Power officially released the 2023 China New Energy Vehicle New Car Quality Study. In this list, J.D. Power announced the rankings of some of the sub-segment models. Among them, in the mainstream plug-in hybrid sub-segment market, the Wanjie M5 won the first place.

The Wanjie M5 ranks first in the mainstream plug-in hybrid sub-segment market in terms of quality according to J.D. Power

According to J.D. Power’s introduction, the 2023 China New Energy Vehicle New Car Quality Study (NEV-IQS) includes a total of 236 problem points in 10 major problem categories (vehicle exterior, vehicle interior, driving experience, configuration/control system/dashboard, information entertainment system, air conditioning, seats, powertrain, driving assistance, and battery/charging). The 2023 study is based on the real feedback from 7,191 new car owners who purchased cars between July 2022 and January 2023. The study covers 76 models from 36 brands, of which 53 models have sufficient samples. Data collection was conducted in 81 cities in China between January and March 2023.

In the mainstream plug-in hybrid car sub-segment market, the Wanjie M5 (extended range) ranked first among all models in this sub-segment with a performance of 151 problems per 100 cars (PP100, the smaller the number, the better), which is 9 fewer than the second-ranked BYD Han hybrid version with 160 problems. From the list of rankings, most of the top ten vehicles are BYD, such as the third-ranked Tang hybrid, the fourth-ranked Song PLUS hybrid, and the Ev5. According to the survey conducted by J.D. Power, the average value in this field is 171, which is 20 higher than that of the Wanjie M5 (extended range).

Jundi related rankings

At the previous AITO Q&A session, the 100,000th mass-produced car offline ceremony, Yu Chengdong, Huawei’s Executive Director, Terminal BG CEO, and Intelligent Car Solution BU CEO, said that Huawei relied on over 30 years of profound ICT technology accumulation to empower partners like Sailesi with end-to-end cross-border capabilities in defining product design and quality control, helping them achieve a qualitative leap and making AITO a leading high-end new energy automotive brand in technology, quality, and experience.

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