Regrettable Exit! Japanese mobile phone company Kyocera announced its withdrawal from the consumer mobile phone business

Kyocera exits consumer mobile phone business

【PhoneAuto News】Recently, PhoneAuto learned that Japanese mobile phone company Kyocera has announced its official withdrawal from the consumer mobile phone business. Prior to this, the company went through a difficult period. Data shows that in February of this year, it accumulated losses of 2.27 billion yen (about 116 million yuan)。

Kyocera recently found it difficult to compete with Chinese manufacturers such as Xiaomi and OPPO, as well as other Japanese brands such as Sharp and Sony, even in the Japanese market.

However, it should be noted that the company is only withdrawing from the consumer sector and will continue to serve enterprise customers. With the decline in profitability, the company said it must take some measures and has chosen to reduce consumer products. Kyocera CEO Hideo Tanimoto said: “We can no longer find sales in the ordinary market.”

It is reported that Kyocera is one of the oldest companies to enter the mobile phone field, producing mobile phones since 1989. Initially, the company was only a manufacturer of technical ceramics, but after many years of continuous development, Kyocera has become a globally renowned international brand, covering various fields including electronics, telecommunications, office equipment, machinery, ceramic cutlery, and more. Like most Japanese mobile phones, Kyocera phones have excellent technical accumulation, which can ensure the durability and quality of the phones.

Previously, Kyocera mobile phones had tried to sell in China. As early as 2001, Kyocera and China’s Zhenhua Technology jointly established Kyocera Zhenhua Communication Equipment Company, producing mobile phone terminals and selling them in the Chinese market. The company’s products mainly consisted of high-performance models with functions such as photography and music playback, but due to the lack of price advantages, sales have been low, and its products have not been favored by Chinese consumers. In 2008, Kyocera officially announced its withdrawal from the Chinese mobile phone market.

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