Lantu FREE Full Push OTA 40 Adds 13 New Features and Optimizes 71 Features

'Lantu FREE Full Push OTA 40 upgrades software with 13 new features and optimizes 71 existing features'

【Phoneauto News】Good news for LanTu FREE owners! According to phoneauto, OTA 4.0 for LanTu FREE has been officially rolled out on August 9th. The new version adds 13 new features, including camping mode and nap mode, and optimizes 71 existing features. It has been nearly 6 months since the last OTA 3.0 for LanTu FREE. Therefore, for LanTu FREE owners, the new OTA is definitely worth paying attention to and upgrading.


Specifically, the key points of the new features in OTA 4.0 are camping mode and nap mode. In camping mode, the system will automatically adjust the air conditioning, fragrance, lighting, and screen to a preset state. With user authorization, the extended range version of the vehicle can also automatically start the range extender to generate electricity when the battery is low. Currently, camping mode includes five scene modes: sunrise, colorful flowers, mountain fun, and rainforest. In addition, when the vehicle is in P gear and the remaining battery level is ≥20%, the owner can activate the nap mode, and the system will automatically activate the screensaver and open the alarm clock, providing users with a comfortable rest space and wake-up service.

Of course, in addition to these two major new features, LanTu FREE OTA 4.0 also includes many new features and optimizations. For example, owners can now bind up to 3 charging stations to their App account, more shortcut adjustment functions have been added to the negative one screen, and the UI of the vehicle interface has been further beautified. In addition, the lock and horn function now has an option to turn off, the windows can automatically close in rainy weather, and the alert sound for pedestrians at low speeds is adjustable.

It is worth mentioning that LanTu Automobile officially announced earlier that the newly upgraded SUV, New LanTu FREE, will be officially launched on August 19th, and the new car is currently available for pre-order. As a new model positioned as a “smart driving and touring five-seat SUV”, the New LanTu FREE will be comprehensively upgraded in terms of appearance, configuration, and product positioning.

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