Lei Jun This speech is longer than the previous years, estimated to be 3 hours Are you okay?

'Lei Jun's speech is longer this year, estimated to be 3 hours Are you okay?'

【PhoneAuto News】The 2023 annual speech by Lei Jun will be held on August 14th (Monday) at 7 pm. This is Lei Jun’s fourth annual speech, with the theme being “Growth”. Lei Jun revealed on Weibo that compared to previous speeches, this one will have more content, so it will be longer, estimated to be around 3 hours. After the speech, Xiaomi’s annual new product release will take place, along with the disclosure of new technological advancements.

In response to questions raised by netizens, Lei Jun will answer them one by one.

Question: What’s different about this fourth annual speech compared to previous years?

Answer: The biggest difference is that for the first time, it will be held outside of Xiaomi Science and Technology Park, at the Beijing National Convention Center. The venue can accommodate 3500 spectators, and I am very excited to meet everyone there.

Question: What do you plan to talk about this year? What new stories and content will there be?

Answer: The theme of this year’s speech is “Growth”. I want to talk to everyone about my several important growth experiences and insights. The content this year will span a longer period of time and there will be more stories. I have prepared these contents carefully, and I’m sure you will find them interesting.

Question: Do you plan to give a speech every year in the future?

Answer: Giving a speech is a precious opportunity for in-depth communication with friends. As long as everyone is willing to listen, I will continue to give speeches.

Question: How are the preparations for the speech going?

Answer: To deliver a good speech, it requires a lot of time and effort. The final polishing of the speech manuscript is still ongoing, and it seems that there are still quite a few stories. I plan to further streamline them.

Question: How long is this speech going to be? What will be covered in it?

Answer: This year’s speech will be longer than previous years. After the speech, we will have our annual new product release, and we will also disclose new advancements in our technological exploration. There is a lot of content this year, estimated to be around 3 hours. Please prepare in advance.

Question: Besides the speech, how are the new products this year?

Answer: The new products this year are all very good. I am very confident that everyone will like them.

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