Consumer Exposes Lotus for Delivering Test Drive Cars as New Cars! They Were Previously Used for Violence Testing

Lotus delivered used violence testing cars as new test drive cars

【PhoneAuto News】Recently, according to PhoneAuto, some consumers have exposed online that they received a test drive car without being informed by the official after purchasing a car under ELETRE (Lotus). In addition, the owner stated that this was not an ordinary test drive car, and it had been driven violently on a racetrack.

Lotus car

The message released by the owner is as follows:

On March 29th, Lotus Day called 50 ELETRE cars from all over the country to Shanghai as test drive cars. During the delivery process in May, I found out on the spot that the car’s driving recorder had more than 70 violent test drive videos on the racetrack, including elk tests, straight-line acceleration up to 200 kilometers per hour, and other evidence. From the video of the driving recorder, it can be seen that many cars participated in the test drive event at the end of March. We reported to the police and made a record on the day of seeking justice. We have now complained to the Hubei Consumer Council, and I and my lawyer are preparing evidence to sue Lotus.

Because I have complete evidence to prove that Lotus deliberately concealed the facts of the vehicle and defrauded consumers, I am currently very worried that these cars will still flow into the market. All owners who have already purchased ELETRE and those who are preparing to purchase must thoroughly check the vehicle information to avoid being deceived! Be careful!

Currently, the owner has complained about Lotus to the relevant departments. According to the relevant provisions of the “Consumer Rights Protection Law”, the owner requires Lotus to refund three times the actual payment for the signed contract. That is, to return the actual payment of 964,800 yuan for my car, and compensate three times the fine of 2,894,400 yuan, totaling 3,859,200 yuan.

According to previous reports, Lotus has been exposed to multiple scandals recently, which has greatly damaged the brand image.

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