M5 Smart Driving Edition welcomes its first OTA upgrade! Five practical functions added

M5 Smart Driving Edition receives first OTA upgrade, adds five practical functions

【Phoneauto News】On August 2nd, the Wanjie M5 Intelligent Driving Edition received its first OTA upgrade, including the opening of urban intelligent driving navigation assistance (NCA) in five cities, full access to urban lane cruising assistance, an upgrade to intelligent parking assistance, and the launch of intelligent driving reports. It is understood that there are two methods for upgrading: when in the car, it can be upgraded through the car’s settings; when not in the car, it can be upgraded through the “AITO” app on the phone.

Specifically, the urban intelligent driving navigation assistance has been opened in five cities, allowing users to use and experience urban NCA in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, and Chongqing. It should be noted that the NCA function needs to be used on NCA available road sections, and NCA cannot be used in city areas where some road sections are not covered by NCA. The upgraded highway intelligent driving navigation assistance improves the lane changing execution ability of NCA, making autonomous lane changing more efficient, and improves the ability to exit at the final destination in congested scenarios, enhancing the convenience of driving on and off highways.

The LCC function in the fully accessible urban lane cruising assistance can continuously keep the vehicle in the center of the current lane and handle lane merging; no worries in traffic jams, safe following like an experienced driver, and can be experienced on national highways and urban road sections. The intelligent parking assistance adds a new function of custom parking in non-marked parking spaces, space parking, and other environments through user-defined dragging, achieving “parking freedom” without relying on parking lines.

In addition, the intelligent driving report is launched for the first time, which presents the usage of intelligent driving features in the form of a driving report, making the intelligent driving mileage clear at a glance, bringing a “visualized intelligent driving experience”.

It is understood that the Wanjie M5 Intelligent Driving Edition was released on April 17th this year, offering a total of four models, including extended range and pure electric versions, with a price range of 2.798 million to 3.098 million yuan.

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