Another new gold mine? Investigation shows that many people hope Tesla will launch electric bicycles

Many hope Tesla will launch electric bicycles

【Phoneauto News】Among all the technological advancements and innovations brought by Tesla, we can confidently say that the electric vehicle pioneer was late to one thing: electric bicycles. In fact, almost all other car manufacturers that have entered the electric vehicle field have already launched or expressed interest in launching electric bicycles.


As a traditional car manufacturer in the midst of a super-energy transformation, Porsche has recently taken many initiatives focused on electric bicycles, such as acquiring Fazua, acquiring the majority stake in Greyp bicycles, and the internal development of Porsche-branded electric bicycles. Leaving Porsche aside, BMW has been producing various urban mobility devices for some time now, and Rivian has also expressed interest in this niche market and plans to launch its own electric bicycle in the near future.

So what about Tesla? Musk has admitted to the rapid growth of the electric bicycle industry in the past. In an interview in 2018, he himself said Tesla “might make electric bicycles.” And there have been some design renderings related to it. But now, five years have passed and we still haven’t seen a Tesla electric bicycle. However, the market seems to be ready, as a recent article by Electrek mentioned survey data that many buyers do want a Tesla electric bicycle.

Tesla electric bicycle rendering

The survey shows that Tesla is actually the brand most in need of manufacturing electric bicycles. Because a considerable number of men have expressed their desire for a Tesla electric bicycle. As for women, it turns out that they are very fond of the electric bicycles produced by jewelry and accessories company Tiffany & Co.

This article believes that electric bicycles are likely to be the next “gold mine” for Tesla, and with the continuous improvement and popularization of electric bicycle technology, Tesla has the ability to produce electric bicycles that are both technically advanced and affordable – as long as they are reliable and of good quality. From a broader perspective, Tesla’s electric bicycles can easily be associated with the overall brand image. After all, Tesla’s “3YXS” models have indeed attracted many consumers, and the X and Y models are particularly suitable for people with a more active lifestyle. The introduction of electric bicycles can become their best tool for exploring the suburbs on weekends.

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