Mazda applies for six rotary engine patents in Japan, possibly for use in new sports car models

Mazda applies for six rotary engine patents in Japan for new sports car models

【Phoneauto News】As a major signature of Mazda, the rotary engine used to be an important reason for some car enthusiasts to purchase Mazda vehicles. However, with the advent of the new energy era, the rotary engine, and even engines in general, have gradually lost their place. However, recent media reports have stated that Mazda is still unwilling to give up this distinctive technology and has applied for 6 technical patents related to rotary engines in Japan in June this year.

Rotary Engine

According to reports, Mazda previously stated that the newly introduced rotary engine will not be installed in fuel vehicles, but it will appear as a range extender in the MX-30 R-EV. However, the related patent application describes a larger dual-rotor design scheme that can be used for direct vehicle propulsion, which may provide a technical foundation for the next generation of Mazda sports cars equipped with rotary engines.

Mazda MX-30 R-EV

Three of the six patents are related to the shape of the rotor itself. The established goal of the patents is to “improve the fuel efficiency of rotary engines.” The new patents may solve the previous problem of rotary engines not being fuel-efficient, which was one of the reasons why the Mazda RX-8 engine production was halted in 2012. These patents showcase different designs, each with a unique size concave notch. In rotary engines, the rotor rotates in the center of the housing, and the gaps around the rotor are used as combustion chambers. By changing the space shape between the rotor and the outer wall of the housing, these notches alter the shape of the combustion chambers, thereby allowing better control of ignition and achieving more complete combustion.

Related patent drawings

The other three patents focus on the use of exhaust gas recirculation. This process involves cooling the exhaust gas in a heat exchanger and then recirculating it back to the engine, a process that has been used in traditional piston engines to improve efficiency. Mazda’s patent discusses the application of exhaust gas recirculation to rotary engines, describing the intake design and how it is connected to the engine.

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