Mazda will launch an electric vehicle-specific platform in 2027

Mazda to launch EV platform in 2027

【Phoneauto News】Recently, it was reported that Mazda will launch an electric vehicle dedicated production platform in 2027, and plans to have 25%-40% of its global sales be electric vehicles by 2030.

In response, Mazda CEO Masashi Otsuka said: Previously, it was expected that the electric vehicle dedicated platform would start in 2026, but it appears that more time is needed. Before 2028, Mazda plans to sell a combination of hybrid vehicles (HV) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHV).

Otsuka also revealed, “We are working with Toyota to develop onboard software that affects the performance of electric vehicles.” In addition, for the Chinese market, he stated that Mazda will start collaborating with major local car manufacturers from 2025 and gradually launch new electric vehicles.

Left: Masashi Otsuka; Right: Akihiro Marumoto

According to Phoneauto’s understanding, Mazda’s sales in China in 2022 decreased by 41% to 108,000 units compared to the previous year. Otsuka said that with the growth of the electric vehicle market in China, Mazda needs to completely reform its strategy in China to cope with the “fierce” competition from domestic Chinese companies. “It is important to turn the tide and launch one electric vehicle after another,” Otsuka told reporters at a roundtable meeting. “We do not intend to downsize.”

Otsuka warned that Mazda’s business situation in the world’s largest automotive market will become increasingly difficult in the next year to 18 months. “Production is low, while profit pressure is increasing.” He added that plans to reduce fixed costs are being formulated. Otsuka also said that when he visited Mazda’s Chinese factory last month, he discussed with the management of the joint venture company how to catch up with the rapid development of electrification in the Chinese automotive market.

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