Morning News Honor’s new foldable phone, Magic V2, enters the market Alibaba denies layoffs

Morning News announces Magic V2 foldable phone release, Alibaba denies layoffs

【PhoneAuto Morning News】May 25th News, two new phones under Honor have officially been released, they are Honor X50 and Magic V2, the former is a mid-range phone, and the latter is a flagship folding screen phone. Just last night, Alibaba’s official Weibo account denied the layoffs, stating that the six major business groups under the company need to recruit 15,000 new employees in total, including more than 3,000 new graduates. Internal recruitment is still ongoing, with thousands of positions being recruited every day.

Honor Magic V2 is now available online! It may provide Snapdragon 8+ and Snapdragon 8 Gen2 versions

According to digital bloggers, Honor X50 will be equipped with Snapdragon 6 Gen1 mobile platform+HM6, and Honor Magic V2 engineering models have Snapdragon 8+ and Snapdragon 8 Gen2 versions. Therefore, it is possible that Honor Magic V2 will be released as a series, using different processors to offer multiple models. However, it is also possible that the phone is only testing the effects of different processors during its engineering phase.

Alibaba denies layoffs: plans to recruit 15,000 new employees, including thousands of new graduates every day

Alibaba’s statement on denying layoffs:

Recently, rumors about layoffs in various businesses such as Taobao, Tmall, Aliyun, Cainiao, and local life have been circulating, but rumors are just rumors. Here, we want to tell everyone that our recruitment is in full swing. Taking this opportunity, we also want to repost our recruitment post:

By 2023, Alibaba’s six major business groups will need to recruit 15,000 new employees in total, including more than 3,000 new graduates. Welcome to pay attention to Alibaba’s recruitment platform, where thousands of positions are being recruited every day. If you are willing to join Alibaba, work with us, and become one of us, please submit your resume!

Baojun Yueye officially launched! The only standard luggage rack in the same class starts at 79,800 yuan

On May 25th, the pure electric SUV Baojun Yueye was officially launched, with a price range of 79,800 to 89,800 yuan, among which the flagship version is priced at 79,800 yuan; and the intelligent version is priced at 89,800 yuan. Baojun Yueye is the first mass-produced car equipped with the brand new Baojun logo, and its intelligent configuration is also relatively high, which is believed to have certain competitiveness in the market.

Tesla was exposed to the phenomenon of “peeling” seats, which may be a common problem with synthetic leather interiors

If you plan to buy a Tesla in the near future, you must understand the durability of synthetic leather. Because recently, some Tesla owners have reported that the leather seats of their vehicles have begun to “peel”.

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