Morning News Apple Saves Billions of Dollars, Huawei Mate60 Pro Design Leaked Again

'Morning News Apple saves billions, Huawei Mate60 Pro design leaked again'

【Phoneauto Morning News】As the release date of the iPhone 15 series approaches, there is also an increasing amount of news about Apple’s latest A17 chip. Recently, it was reported that TSMC, the factory that manufactures Apple chips, took the initiative to bear the cost of defective products, which amounted to billions of dollars. In addition, there have been continuous updates on the highly anticipated Huawei Mate60 series, with news that the appearance of the Mate60 Pro has changed.

Apple saves billions of dollars! TSMC bears the cost of defective 3nm chips

According to a report by The Information, Apple and TSMC have signed an unusual agreement, which allows TSMC to bear all the costs of defective quality caused by the production of 3nm chips for Apple devices. This agreement could save Apple billions of dollars in costs for iPhones and computers that use these chips.

Under previous agreements, TSMC usually requires users to bear all costs related to wafers and bare chips, including any defective products. However, according to the above agreement, TSMC will only charge Apple for “known good dies” and will not charge for any defective products.

Huawei Mate60 Pro design revealed again: No more waterfall display, now with three punch holes!

Recently, Phoneauto noticed that there is a lot of news circulating about the Huawei Mate60 series, many of which indicate that the Mate60 series is likely to abandon the notch design used in previous generations and instead adopt a waterfall display. And recently, Phoneauto once again noticed the release of a third-party rendering of the Huawei Mate60 series.

Unlike previous third-party renderings of the Huawei Mate60 series, this time the leaked rendering shows that the Huawei Mate60 Pro will abandon the waterfall display design near the front camera and instead use a simpler three-hole punch design. Based on the configuration of previous Mate series models by Huawei, these three front punch holes do not necessarily mean that the Mate60 Pro will have a triple front camera setup, but rather may include other sensors.

Microsoft announced that Bing AI will be launched in browsers such as Safari, but the Edge experience is the best.

Since the launch of AI applications similar to ChatGPT, Microsoft has announced that it will soon introduce this technology into third-party browsers such as Safari.

“We are excited to announce that you will soon be able to experience the new Bing AI on third-party browsers such as Safari and Chrome on the web and mobile devices,” Microsoft said in a recent blog post. “Our next step is to enable Bing AI to demonstrate its incredible value in summarizing answers and creating images to a wider audience.”

However, Microsoft still hopes and encourages users to use Bing in the Microsoft Edge browser, rather than “choosing their favorite browser.” Therefore, Microsoft has decided to downplay its limitations on Bing AI capabilities in other competitors. Microsoft stated, “With Edge, you will unlock longer conversations, chat history, and more built-in Bing features in the browser.”

Lu Weibing of Xiaomi: Redmi is significantly ahead of its peers in chip tuning capabilities.

Recently, Lu Weibing, Xiaomi group partner, president of the International Department, and general manager of the Redmi brand, once again wrote to promote the Redmi K60 Supreme Edition/Ultra, and also stated that Redmi is significantly ahead of its peers in chip joint definition and underlying chip-based joint tuning capabilities.

Lu Weibing said: Redmi’s goal is to achieve cross-platform ultimate experience delivery capability through the integration of underlying capabilities. The K60 Supreme Edition, which we are about to release, is a further step in this strategy. This time we chose the Tianji 9200+, and its outstanding performance delivery surpasses the phones equipped with Snapdragon 8Gen2 processors by our competitors. Redmi will continue to deepen this strategy and continuously create products that deliver cross-platform ultimate experience, allowing users to buy consistently high-performance products.

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