Morning News Honor Watch 4 officially on sale, iPhone 15 series to have narrower borders

Morning News Honor Watch 4 on sale, iPhone 15 to have narrower borders

【Phoneauto Morning News】On July 18th at 0:00, the Honor Watch 4 officially went on sale with a special discount price of 949 yuan. The new product supports dual standby, independent calling, and has a super long battery life of 10 days, surpassing the mainstream level in the industry. On July 18th, a blogger leaked that the screen bezels of the new iPhone 15 will be narrower than the current model.

Honor Watch 4 officially goes on sale: eSIM+10-day long battery life, priced at 949 yuan

On July 18th at 0:00, the Honor Watch 4 officially went on sale with a special discount price of 949 yuan. The new product supports dual standby, independent calling, and has a super long battery life of 10 days, surpassing the mainstream level in the industry.

Honor Watch 4

The Honor Watch 4 has a battery life of up to 10 days, three times longer than other eSIM watches in the same price range. It is equipped with a 1.75-inch square AMOLED screen. It also excels in the field of sports and health. This new product supports nearly a hundred sports modes and monitors multiple physiological indicators, providing comprehensive health monitoring for users, including heart rate, blood oxygen level, sleep, and stress. Moreover, users can receive screening reminders for suspected atrial fibrillation, premature ventricular contraction, sleep apnea, and other health issues on the Honor Sports Health app, always paying attention to their own health problems.

iPhone 15 series may have narrower bezels and all models come with a dynamic island

As the release date of the Apple iPhone 15 series approaches, rumors about the new models in this series have been increasing. Previously, there were reports that the iPhone 15 series would have impressive control over the phone’s screen bezels. Recently, a blogger posted pictures of the iPhone 15 series screen and corresponding screen protectors online, seemingly confirming this claim.

There are rumors about the iPhone 15 screen and protective film

From the exposed images, it can be seen that among a total of 8 screens, the bottom four are the screens of iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Plus, and iPhone 15 Pro Max. It is worth noting that compared to the other two models, the frame of the iPhone 15 Pro model seems to be thinner.

Another new “gold mine”? Investigation shows that many people hope Tesla will launch electric bicycles

Among all the technological advances and innovations brought by Tesla, we can say for sure that the electric vehicle pioneer has been late in one thing: electric bicycles. In fact, almost all other car manufacturers that have entered the electric vehicle field have already launched or expressed interest in launching electric bicycles.

Tesla electric bicycle rendering

A recent survey shows that Tesla is actually the brand that most needs to manufacture electric bicycles. This is because a considerable number of men have expressed their desire for Tesla electric bicycles. Electric bicycles are likely to be the next “gold mine” for Tesla, and with the continuous improvement and popularization of electric bicycle technology, Tesla has the ability to produce electric bicycles that are both technologically advanced and affordable – as long as they are reliable and of good quality. From a broader perspective, Tesla’s electric bicycles can easily be associated with the overall brand image.

Taobao officially launches a new version of “Night Taobao”! The main focus is on companionship

On the evening of July 17th, Taobao launched a new version of “Night Taobao”, which is the biggest update in the past 3 years. Users can switch to a 24-hour lifestyle and entertainment version of Taobao through the entrance in the upper right corner of the Taobao homepage. It is reported that “Night Taobao” originated from the summer version of Taobao and started gray testing last week. It may exist as a long-term product in the future.

Night Taobao

The new version of Taobao emphasizes on lifestyle and entertainment, providing more interactive games, entertainment content, activity gameplay, and localized special services. It highlights being stylish, fun, and enjoyable, bringing the rich nightlife from all over the country to Taobao, allowing users to have an immersive shopping experience on Taobao.

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