Morning News Huawei FreeBuds SE 2 headphones on sale, Nubia’s new phone leaked with sample photos

Morning News Huawei FreeBuds SE 2 headphones on sale; Nubia's new phone leak with sample photos

【phoneauto Morning News】At 0:00 on July 19th, Huawei’s new earphones, FreeBuds SE 2, officially went on sale. Compared to the initial price of 339 yuan for the previous version, the introductory price of 179 yuan for FreeBuds SE 2 obviously makes the new earphones more attractive. Recently, a blogger released sample photos taken with the new Nubia Z50S Pro. Nubia officials had previously stated that the phone has a camera effect that surpasses that of a one-inch main camera.

Huawei FreeBuds SE 2 wireless earphones on sale, introductory price only 179 yuan

At 0:00 on July 19th, Huawei’s previously released Huawei FreeBuds SE 2 wireless earphones officially went on sale. The introductory price of 179 yuan makes it more cost-effective.

Huawei FreeBuds SE 2

In terms of specifications, Huawei FreeBuds SE 2 adopts a semi-in-ear design, emphasizing its lightweight and compact nature, with each earphone weighing as little as 3.8g. The new earphones are equipped with selected acoustic units, support Bluetooth 5.3 connection and fast pairing, and have a super long battery life of 9 hours per charge and 40 hours with the charging case. The earphones can also use the Huawei Smart Life App to display battery levels, customize touch commands, and find the earphones.

Overall, Huawei FreeBuds SE 2 performs well in the sub-100 yuan earphone market.

Nubia Z50S Pro sample photos leaked! Is this the effect of a one-inch main camera?

On July 18th, digital blogger @FixedFocusDigital released two sample photos of the Nubia Z50S Pro, one taken outdoors and one indoors. The bokeh effect in the first photo is relatively soft, while the second photo showcases the built-in filter of the new phone. The blogger claimed that the intensity of the filter can be adjusted, allowing for various creative possibilities.

Sample photos taken with Nubia Z50S Pro

According to the previous official introduction, the 35mm custom optics of the Nubia flagship Z50S Pro, which will be released on the afternoon of July 20th, will receive a major upgrade, surpassing the imaging effect of a one-inch large sensor. According to the leaks, the device will have a 50-megapixel, 1/1.49-inch main sensor with a focal length of 35mm, and will also be equipped with a vertical medium telephoto lens with an equivalent focal length of 80mm.

Criticizing competitors, Ford lowers the price of the F-150 Lightning, Musk says it’s still a bit expensive

Ford recently reduced the price of its electric pickup truck, the F-150 Lightning, which sparked a lot of comments, including from Tesla CEO Elon Musk. In his opinion, even after the price reduction, the price of the Ford F-150 Lightning is still a bit expensive.

Ford F-150 Lightning

Musk tweeted, “The Ford Lightning is a good car, just a little expensive, especially considering the high interest rates on various loans at the moment.” As a competitor, Musk’s criticism is quite intriguing. This may imply that the Tesla Cybertruck is more competitive in pricing compared to the Ford F-150 Lightning.

Apple executive: Only we can make Vision Pro, it’s too difficult

On July 18th, Apple’s Vice President of Human Interface Design, Alan Dye, claimed in a podcast that Vision Pro is a product that only Apple can make. He said, “Everything in this product is created, it’s the most challenging design project we have encountered so far, and we have applied for 5,000 patents for it.”

Apple Vision Pro

Perhaps because Vision Pro is different from Apple’s previous products, Apple has adjusted its product development process. According to reports, the technology development team responsible for developing the Vision Pro headset at Apple has now been renamed the Vision Product Team. This is different from the practice during the era of Steve Jobs, where different departments were responsible for product development. It aims to maximize the team’s resource advantages.

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