Apple leads the industry again? Multiple Android manufacturers are reported to adopt the LINGDONGDAO design

Multiple Android manufacturers adopting LINGDONGDAO design, Apple leads industry

【PhoneAuto News】In the second half of 2022, Apple released the iPhone 14 series. Different from previous iPhone products, the Pro and Pro Max models in the iPhone 14 series adopted a brand new “Dynamic Island” design, which attracted a lot of attention at that time. Recently, PhoneAuto noticed that some bloggers revealed that in addition to Huawei, several other smartphone manufacturers are also planning to use a similar “Dynamic Island” design.

The blogger revealed that Huawei’s HarmonyOS 4.0 system will be adapted to the island, and software adaptation is currently underway. Moreover, I can tell you a piece of news, not only Huawei will be on the island, but also many other companies will soon follow suit. Each company’s software adaptation will have its own differences, and now it remains to be seen who will perform better.

It is worth mentioning that when the iPhone 14 series was just introduced, although the Dynamic Island design was stunning, it also faced criticism from many people. For example, Luo Yonghao, the founder of Smartisan Technology, once said that the Dynamic Island was indeed very cleverly done, and Apple’s UI designers and product managers deserve praise. However, this is just a trick that Apple’s UI designers had to come up with due to the poor industrial design they have had in recent years.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that Zhu Haizhou, the product manager of OPPO ColorOS and former product manager of Smartisan Nut smartphone, also stated in a post that the cost behind the Dynamic Island is not low. Fortunately, Apple’s annual number of models is limited, so although the cost is high, it is manageable. It is difficult for Android to perfectly adapt to all machines with a set of standards, and UI consistency is also a major issue. The beauty of Apple lies in its consistency. Android can copy, but it is rare to capture the essence.

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