Can you handle it? Musk says he will oversee the recruitment of every new Tesla employee

Musk will personally oversee the recruitment of all new Tesla employees Can you manage it?

【PhoneAuto News】In most large companies, due to the large number of employees, the company’s top leader basically does not inquire about the specific recruitment situation of each employee, at most, only makes plans for the company’s recruitment direction. However, in the eyes of “workaholic” Musk, these are not big problems. Recently, according to foreign media reports, in an internal email sent to employees by Musk, the CEO stated that he will personally approve the list of new employees joining Tesla in the future.


In the email, Musk said that he wants to better understand who Tesla is recruiting and where they are recruiting, and to do this, he wants to personally approve it via email. In addition to Tesla employees, he also has the same requirements for contract employees. “No one can join Tesla until you receive my email approval, even as a contractor (employee),” Musk wrote in the email.

Tesla’s online recruitment website shows that there are currently more than 70 positions related to Cybertruck alone being recruited, and the lithium refining plant near Corpus Christi, Texas, where Tesla is located, is also expected to employ about 165 full-time employees, plus 250 construction workers, bringing the total number of employees to over 400. Considering the number of departments and factories the company has globally, its average annual recruitment is about 30,000 people. With so many departments and staff, it is difficult to imagine how Musk will be able to manage and continue this for a long time.

Earlier reports stated that due to Musk’s pessimistic expectations for the economy at that time, Tesla suspended recruitment in the summer of 2022. However, as the world gradually enters the post-pandemic era, Tesla has resumed recruitment. From June to October last year, its recruitment increased by as much as 50%.

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