Range over 2500 kilometers! Netizens modify diesel extended-range version Tesla Model S

Netizens modify diesel extended-version Tesla Model S with over 2500 km range

【PhoneAuto News】Range anxiety is one of the biggest concerns for people considering buying a new electric car. The best way to solve the range anxiety of an electric car is to add a range extender. This can provide the driving experience of an electric car while also solving the range problem by refueling. Recently, a netizen modified their Tesla in this way.

Tesla Model S

A YouTube channel called “The Warped Perception” has modified their Tesla Model S by adding a turbocharged diesel engine in the trunk to help it complete a 2500-mile (4023 km) road trip while minimizing charging. Although this plan looks very bold and innovative, there is one issue that is hard to avoid. Despite the muffler, the sound of the diesel engine is very loud. Therefore, if you bought an electric car for the purpose of quiet driving, you may not be able to tolerate this modification.

Range-extended Tesla Model S

The owner of the channel said in the video: “Because there is a diesel engine installed at the rear of the vehicle, it will make a constant humming sound. You can only try to ignore or get used to it, otherwise you may want to open the door and jump out. But looking at it from another perspective, it can take me to more distant places.”

In addition to the noise, there was another issue during the trip, and that was that the engine cooling was not as easy as expected. Although the owner added a large cooling device at the rear of the vehicle, the overheating of the engine prevented a 25 horsepower (19 kW) generator from quickly charging the battery. Although the engine could only run at 80% power, it was still able to drive the vehicle at a reasonable speed. With a full tank of diesel, the maximum range of the vehicle can reach 1600 miles (2575 km).

Extended range version of Tesla Model S

However, due to the engine not operating at optimal efficiency, the car is not particularly energy-efficient. Its fuel consumption in extended range mode is close to 6.7L/100km, a figure similar to that of the Honda Civic fuel version. However, considering that the Model S is larger and heavier than the Civic, its energy consumption performance is not too bad.

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