Expose Redmi’s new phone may switch to a curved screen with extremely narrow bezels Netizens reject it No!

Netizens reject Redmi's new phone switch to curved screen with narrow bezels

【Phoneauto News】On July 22nd, Phoneauto noticed that a certain digital blogger who frequently leaked information about unreleased Android smartphones from domestic manufacturers hinted that Redmi may have a new phone that will use a curved screen and feature extremely narrow bezels. However, Redmi phone users and netizens seem to be unhappy with this change, and many netizens have expressed their opposition.

Of course, Phoneauto noticed that although Xiaomi often uses curved OLED screens on its digital series, Civi series, and other products, the Redmi brand has always insisted on using flat screens for its phones. Currently, the Redmi K60 Pro, Redmi K60, Redmi Note 12T Pro, Redmi Note 12 Turbo, Redmi Note 11T Pro, and other models sold under the Redmi brand all use flat screens, and there are no curved screen models available.

In general, curved screens are more expensive but can provide better grip and a better front screen viewing experience for smartphones. However, at the same time, curved screens are not convenient for using tempered glass screen protectors and carry the risk of accidental touches. If dropped, curved screen phones also seem to have a higher chance of screen damage compared to flat screen phones. Therefore, curved screens have not been very popular among some netizens. However, we can also observe that the number of smartphones with curved screens is steadily increasing nowadays, and manufacturers such as realme and Honor have even started using curved screens in the thousand yuan price range. Models like the Honor X50 and realme 11 Pro+ are examples of this.

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