New Chery Arrizo 5 official images released with minor design tweaks, will be officially launched tomorrow.

Take a first look at the newly released official images of the Chery Arrizo 5 with subtle design updates, set to be officially unveiled tomorrow.

【PhoneAuto News】Recently, PhoneAuto learned that the official images of the 2024 Chery Arrizo 5 model have been released. The car will be launched on October 20th and has undergone minor adjustments to its exterior and interior. It is equipped with Chery’s fourth-generation 1.5-liter Miller cycle naturally aspirated engine. For reference, the current price range for the Arrizo 5 is 59,900 to 85,800 yuan.

2024 Chery Arrizo 5

The new Arrizo 5 retains the basic design of the current model in terms of exterior styling. It features a new waterfall-style front grille with chrome accents to enhance its visual impact. The lower front bumper is designed in segments and paired with a black grille to emphasize its sportiness. The side profile of the new Arrizo 5 shows minimal changes, with the waistline extending from the front fender to the taillights, creating a visual effect of a forward-leaning posture. The lower section is equipped with dense spoke-style wheels. Meanwhile, the rear design remains unchanged, featuring a hidden exhaust layout. In terms of dimensions, the new Arrizo 5 measures 4,572mm in length, 1,825mm in width, and 1,482mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2,670mm.

In terms of interior, the new Arrizo 5 features a more minimalist design for the center console and comes equipped with a 9-inch touchscreen display that includes multimedia entertainment system, Amap navigation, and Bluetooth functionality. Additionally, the car is equipped with a leather-wrapped multi-function sports steering wheel and seats. It also adopts a through-type air vent design for the air-conditioning system, and some models are available with optional heated front seats, heated steering wheel, and electric sunroof.

2024 Chery Arrizo 5 Interior

In terms of powertrain, the new Arrizo 5 is powered by a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power output of 88 kilowatts and peak torque of 148 Newton meters, paired with a CVT transmission. For reference, the current model of the Arrizo 5 is equipped with a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power output of 85 kilowatts and peak torque of 143 Newton meters.

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