New exterior and interior design! The official release of the preview image of the new Honda Insight

New Honda Insight preview image released with updated exterior and interior design!

【PhoneAuto News】Recently, according to PhoneAuto, Dongfeng Honda officially released a teaser image of their new car, the completely redesigned “New Insight”, and publicly stated that the new car will soon be officially launched to consumers. The new car is a generational replacement model that has undergone a comprehensive renewal in both exterior and interior design, and will be equipped with the latest Honda SENSING 360 and smart interconnectivity Honda Connect 4.0, as well as offering a 1.5T powertrain and a 2.0L plug-in hybrid version.

As the brother model of the Honda Accord, the two models have always been compared. Due to its lower brand recognition than the Accord, the mid-range market price of the Insight has always been lower than that of the Accord. It is reported that the Accord will be launched on May 20th with a price range of RMB 179,800 to RMB 258,800.

Regarding the exterior, the completely redesigned New Insight adopts a brand-new styling design with a more sporty feel. The new car uses a larger straight waterfall grille with a polygonal design. The front headlights are slender and have a black design, while still using LED headlights. There is also an air intake on both sides. From the side view, the dimensions of the new car are 4979/1862/1449mm in length, width, and height respectively, with a wheelbase of 2830mm. Only the length has increased by 55mm, while other parameters remain unchanged. Looking at the rear of the car, the taillights are more straight, and the design is sharp and angular, creating a wider visual effect.

New Honda Insight

Regarding the powertrain, the new car is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 141kW, which is 2kW less than the current model. The plug-in hybrid version is equipped with a 2.0L engine and a motor to form a plug-in hybrid system. The maximum power of the engine is 109kW, the maximum power of the motor is 135kW, and the battery comes from CATL.

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