New Landtu FREE is now available for pre-order It will be released on August 19th with a range of over 1200km

New Landtu FREE is available for pre-order now It will be released on August 19th, offering a range of over 1200km

【Phoneauto News】On August 1st, LanTu Automotive officially announced that the newly upgraded SUV, the new LanTu FREE, will be officially launched on August 19th, 2023 at the VOYAH NIGHT LanTu User Night. The new car is now available for pre-order. This new model, positioned as a “smart driving and touring SUV,” will undergo comprehensive upgrades in terms of appearance, overall vehicle configuration, and product positioning.

New LanTu FREE

The new LanTu FREE has undergone significant upgrades in terms of smart driving. It is equipped with the Baidu Apollo Highway Driving Pro intelligent driving system. After more than 60 million kilometers of test mileage verification, this smart driving system has the leading Navigation on Autopilot (NOA) and human-machine co-driving map functions, including full-speed domain intelligent cruise control, automatic on-ramp and off-ramp, and the world’s first intelligent entering and exiting service area assistance. In terms of parking, the new LanTu FREE supports fully-attitude efficient automatic parking, one-key remote parking, memory parking, and remote summoning functions.

In terms of driving control, the new LanTu FREE comes standard with a front 160kW and rear 200kW dual-motor intelligent four-wheel drive. It also comes standard with a front double-wishbone and rear multi-link aluminum alloy chassis, as well as air suspension that can filter out unnecessary road bumps. Phoneauto has learned that the new LanTu FREE also uses a 1.5T deep Miller cycle range extender, with a thermal efficiency of over 42%, meeting the National 6b emission standards. While maintaining a “4-second level” acceleration performance, it further reduces fuel and electricity consumption, and the comprehensive CLTC range reaches 1201km.

New LanTu FREE

The appearance of the new LanTu FREE has been upgraded. While maintaining the yacht-like body shape, it adopts a light wave dynamic air intake grille, a flying wing-style light strip, and an anti-gravity fixed wind spoiler, giving it a more modern and technological aesthetic. The body color now includes a new dark green, adding a touch of Chinese charm to the color scheme. In terms of the interior, the new car is equipped with a lift-able three-screen system, a high-fidelity Hi-Fi audio system by Danang, an intelligent adjustable panoramic sunroof, and first-class cabin-level seats, among other advanced configurations.

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