Baojun Yueye Interior Official Image Released Extra Large Narrow-Edge 1025-Inch Dual Screen

New official image of Baojun Yueye Interior released featuring an extra large narrow-edge 1025-inch dual screen

【PhoneAuto News】Recently, according to PhoneAuto, the official release of the interior of the new pure electric small SUV, Baojun Yue Ye, has been announced by Baojun. The new car offers two interior color scheme options: self-black and solo white. The high-frequency contact area of the interior is 100% leather-wrapped, and it is equipped with a 14-inch game-style T-shaped steering wheel and a large narrow-edge 10.25-inch dual-screen. The new car will be officially launched on May 25th, with an expected price of around 100,000 yuan.

From the official pictures, the interior style of the new car is very simple and technologically rich. Self-black and solo white interior color schemes can also meet the needs of most people. The 14-inch game-style T-shaped steering wheel paired with a large narrow-edge 10.25-inch dual-screen is very suitable for young consumers. In terms of comfort, the new car is equipped with comfortable Q-bounce seats, which are built according to Chinese ergonomic data for 95% of the population. They have a large contact area and are equipped with independent headrests in the front row. All models also come standard with electric 6-way adjustment for the driver’s seat.

In terms of configuration, the car will be the first to be equipped with Car-watch, which can be modified by users for trendy creativity. It is reported that this Car-watch strap is 1050mm long and 260mm wide, and the watch screen is 300mm long and 256mm wide. The watch screen can be equipped with a variety of social interaction gameplay, such as unlocking witty screens, and users can customize text, pictures, videos, etc. to meet the personalized needs of displaying creative ideas, exchanging information, and interacting with the car.

In terms of appearance, the new car adopts a brand new design language. The overall square shape presents a more rounded line design, and the closed front face is integrated with the two side lamps. The four-point LED daytime running lights in the lamp group have high recognition. The lower part of the front face has a tough style and a muscular feel. Although it is positioned as a pure electric SUV, the car does not use the popular hidden door handle design, but instead uses a traditional door handle design.

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