New Hongqi L5 sedan exposed! Vintage car design equipped with a 4.0T V8 engine.

Introducing the All-New Hongqi L5 Sedan A Perfect Blend of Classic Elegance and Modern Power with its 4.0T V8 Engine

【PhoneAuto News】On October 16th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology website released a set of declaration drawings for the new Hongqi L5. It is understood that the new generation Hongqi L5 sedan appeared in the 376th batch of “Notice of Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturing Enterprises and Products”. This is a classic retro model that made its debut at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show earlier.

The overall design of this car continues the retro style and belongs to the classic car category. Its appearance looks noble and elegant, and it is equipped with a 4.0T V8 engine. The design concept of the new Hongqi L5 still follows the style of the current model. The front face adopts a large-sized waterfall-style grille, with the red “Hongqi” logo embedded in the center, showcasing luxury and prestige. The front bumper is integrated into the overall shape of the front end. The U-shaped air intake is equipped with vertically placed LED fog lights on both sides, giving it a more modern look. There is not much change in the side design of the body, but the wheel design is more fashionable and trendy. The semi-enclosed design, combined with the interlocking spoke style, echoes the Golden Chrysanthemum logo.

The biggest change in the rear is that the palace-style taillights are no longer located at the ends of the car, but are slightly inward, making the entire car look wider. The bottom is equipped with flat-style dual exhausts instead of the previous four circular exhausts. In terms of body dimensions, the new car has a length, width, and height of 5980/2090/1710mm and a wheelbase of 3730mm. In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a 4.0T V8 engine with a maximum power of 285 kW. Compared to the current model, the new car has certain improvements and upgrades in terms of appearance and power, bringing better performance and power.

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