Nezha GT’s first OTA upgrade comprehensively optimized 54 functions

'Nezha GT's first OTA upgrade optimized 54 functions'

【Phoneauto News】Nezha GT announced its first OTA upgrade today, bringing users a series of new features and optimizations. According to user feedback, this upgrade has added and optimized a total of 54 functions to further enhance the intelligence and user experience of the vehicle.

The upgrade features include various intelligent charging guidance for different scenarios. Based on the situation of the charging pile, vehicle range, and navigation distance, it provides users with charging reminders and intelligently reminds users to plan their charging. For example, in a commuting scenario, if the battery is not sufficient to support the next day’s work, the system will remind the user to charge at a private charging pile, or intelligently search and push nearby charging piles with one-click navigation, and plan the charging arrangement in advance.

In addition, the voice tone can be freely switched, and three regional characteristic voice tones including Hong Kong Mandarin, Guangxi Mandarin, and Shanghai dialect have been added. The intelligent voice navigation function has also been upgraded. Users can manually select the location and set it as home or company, directly calling “Nezha, I want to go home / to the office”. The system will quickly plan the route, and when the navigation is started, the system will recommend the first route based on preferences by default. The upgraded Nezha GT also has precise intelligent voice recognition function, allowing users to achieve precise control through voice commands.

The ACC full-speed adaptive cruise control function enables the system to automatically adjust the following distance according to the set distance when the intelligent driving assistance system is activated, whether on a highway or a city road. When there is no vehicle ahead, it will cruise at the set cruise speed.

The car’s screen has also been optimized. Long press the icon in the bottom app bar to enter the editing mode. The multi-dimensional stereoscopic icons have been renewed, from realistic to transparent, simulating the brilliance and texture of the real world. Quick car control cards have been added, with high-frequency car control placed on the homepage, easily accessible.

Finally, the vehicle positioning function has also been upgraded. The Nezha App features a 360° car searching function, where the system automatically generates a car searching route based on the vehicle’s location and takes a 360° panoramic photo. Users can view it on their mobile phones.

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