NIO Car applies for self-developed chip trademark ‘Yang Jian’, first chip to be mass-produced in October!

NIO Car Seeks Trademark for Newly-Developed 'Yang Jian' Chip, First Batch Set for Mass Production in October!


【PhoneAuto News】Tianyancha App shows that recently, NIO Automobile Technology (Anhui) Co., Ltd. has applied to register the trademark “NIO Yang Jian”. The international classification is scientific instruments, and the current trademark status is awaiting substantive examination.

In September of this year, NIO announced at the NIO IN 2023 NIO Innovation Technology Day held in Shanghai that its self-developed chip named NX6031 will be put into mass production in October. Why is it named “Yang Jian”? It turns out that this self-developed chip is a main control chip for lidar. As we all know, Yang Jian has three eyes, which can see more and wider than others, which is very consistent with the function of lidar.

It is reported that this is an 8-core 64-bit main control chip for lidar, equipped with 8 9-bit AD analog-to-digital converters, and each channel’s sampling frequency can reach up to 1GHz, which can efficiently capture the laser echo signal.

Based on the powerful processing capability of the chip, the AD can define more rich point cloud features, further improving the accuracy and reliability of the perception system. At the same time, the power consumption of this chip is reduced by 50%, and the optimization of lidar point cloud processing is improved by 30%. The processing capacity of point cloud reaches 8m points per second, and it can simultaneously receive raw data and point cloud data.

Li Bin, the founder, chairman, and CEO of NIO, introduced that “Yang Jian” has the characteristics of high integration, low energy consumption, and high performance. Through self-developed chips, NIO can exchange short-term investment for long-term benefits. This strategy can help NIO save costs and improve competitiveness. Li Bin also mentioned that this chip is just a product of their team’s trial. It didn’t consume too much energy, and they will continue to develop main chips and release them at the appropriate time.

In addition to NIO, several car companies have announced cross-border chip manufacturing in recent years, including Xiaopeng, Li Xiang, Geely, and BYD.


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