Nissan announced that its electric vehicle sales have exceeded one million units, but it took a total of 12 years

Nissan announced one million electric vehicle sales in 12 years

【Phoneauto News】Nissan recently announced that its cumulative sales of global electric vehicles (including pure electric and hybrid) have exceeded 1 million units. This milestone achievement demonstrates Nissan’s leading position and innovative capabilities in the field of electric vehicles.

Nissan’s electric vehicle product line includes a variety of different types and styles of vehicles, meeting the needs and preferences of different consumers. Among them, the most popular is the Nissan LEAF pure electric sedan, which has sold over 500,000 units worldwide since its launch in 2010 and has become one of the best-selling electric vehicles globally. The Nissan LEAF has won the trust and love of users with its efficient battery technology, intelligent driving assistance system, comfortable space design, and affordable price.

In addition to the Nissan LEAF, Nissan has also launched other electric vehicles, such as the e-NV200 pure electric commercial vehicle, Ariya pure electric crossover vehicle, Note e-POWER hybrid sedan, etc. These models demonstrate Nissan’s continuous innovation and progress in electric vehicle technology, providing users with a more environmentally friendly, safe, convenient, and enjoyable driving experience. However, compared to some new energy brands, it took Nissan 12 years to achieve a million units in sales, which is still relatively slow.

Nissan stated that it will continue to increase investment and research and development in the field of electric vehicles, launch more and better products, and contribute to achieving carbon neutrality goals. Nissan also plans to expand its electric vehicle product line and plans to launch a total of 19 new electric vehicle models by 2030. In addition to expanding its electric vehicle product line, Nissan also plans to develop solid-state batteries by 2028, with an expected energy density twice that of existing lithium-ion batteries, which will help increase the range of future Nissan electric vehicles.

Nissan will also collaborate with its partners Renault and Mitsubishi to build a global electric vehicle alliance, sharing resources and advantages, enhancing competitiveness and influence.

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