Hybrid and fuel have the same price! Nissan’s super hybrid electric-driven Qijun has officially launched, priced at less than 190,000 yuan

Nissan's super hybrid electric-driven Qijun has launched at the same price as fuel cars, less than 190,000 yuan

【PhoneAuto News】On the evening of May 22nd, Dongfeng Nissan officially launched the super hybrid electric drive Infiniti Qijun. The new car has two models: the super hybrid dual-motor four-wheel-drive luxury version and the super hybrid dual-motor four-wheel-drive ultimate version, with an official guide price of 189,900 yuan and 199,900 yuan respectively. The new car is equipped with the second generation e-POWER, e-4ORCE snow fox electric four-wheel drive, and has been upgraded in terms of intelligence.

Infiniti Qijun Super Hybrid Electric Drive

Infiniti Qijun Super Hybrid Electric Drive Price

From the appearance point of view, the new car’s changes are not significant compared to the previous fuel version. It continues to use Nissan’s V-Motion 3.0 design language, and the large inverted V-shaped chrome plating and trapezoidal grille on the front face are still very eye-catching. The new car uses the popular split LED headlight group, and the Nissan logo in the middle of the grille also uses the latest flat logo design of the electric SUV Ayria, which looks more technological.

Infiniti Qijun Super Hybrid Electric Drive

From the side, the vehicle adopts a double waistline design, and also has a double color body design, creating a visual sense of a floating roof. The vehicle’s tail is consistent with the fuel version, with only the addition of English marks such as e-POWER on the lower right of the tailgate to reflect the unique identity of the hybrid version. In terms of size, the new car has a length, width, and height of 4681mm/1840mm/1730mm, and a wheelbase of 2706mm, which is consistent with the fuel version.

In terms of interior, the Nissan e-Power Qijun with hybrid power adopts a layout that is basically similar to the current Qijun, but some small details are added to reflect the differences of this car. It adds blue ambient lighting as the exclusive color of this version, and also provides the exclusive interior color of mist blue. The new car has also been upgraded in terms of technology and intelligence, equipped with a standard 12.3-inch 6-core ultra-high-definition central control screen, and the ultimate version model also provides 12.3-inch LCD instrument panel, 10.8-inch HUD, wireless charging and other configurations. The vehicle is also equipped with the Nissan Connect Super Smart 2.0+ system, bringing more new gameplay in interaction and entertainment. It also comes with NISSAN i-SAFETY and enhanced ProPILOT super smart driving system, which improves intelligent driving and driving safety.

Nissan e-Power Qijun interior

In terms of power, the Nissan e-Power Qijun with hybrid power is equipped with the second-generation e-POWER system. It is powered by a 1.5T engine to generate electricity and drives two motors of 150kW in front and 100kW in rear. Because in the e-POWER system, the engine does not participate in driving but is purely used for power generation, so its combustion can always stay in the high-efficiency zone. The official claimed that the fuel consumption of the new car is only 6.36 liters per 100 kilometers, which is an improvement compared to the fuel version model.

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